Tuesday, May 19, 2009

What is "Art" in the 21st century

I am a member of this website called Deviant Art located at deviantart.com since now 4 years. I have had the chance to see various trends be born, be over used and die. I have seen sheep like brainless motions created for the sole purpose of attention whoring and pageviews collecting. I have seen fetish and artistic nude photography ever since I am member, but nowadays I truly wonder what art is.

Deviant art, is a private website with the purpose of offering a place - like a community would - to artists who seek to share their works with fellow people like them and get encouragements or critics or any form of acknowledgment, which is fine and normal in a society ever growing bigger where each individual strife to be original, unique and stand out of the crowd.

I have nothing against nudes, I can appreciate a beautiful naked woman's photography and appreciate the quality of the picture, the pose and the mood that was captured. But I wonder what is the new trend with the overly used naked boobs, ass shots, pussy shots and tied up women ? Why is the female body going under this over exposition of it's qualifying characteristics and not the male body ? If we live in a so called "Equalized Society" why don't we see that much up close and personal penises or men ass shots ? In a society which is obsessed with fitness and thinness why does an over sized breast rule over a flat male chest ? Breast are composed of overly fat tissues.

Why is exposing one's genitalia even considered artistic ? We all have one - either vagina or penis - so what does make a photography of a close up clitoris and labia something that competes with a sculpture, a painting (may it be digital or traditional) or a fan work in which real talent, technique and time have been invested in ?

What is the next step if we follow this trend ? A woman shitting pee (which is biological mix of mostly water, vitamins, salt and sugar) taken with a 15 mega pixel camera in "live action" with crisp clear detail of the crystalline fluid coming out of her vagina and being like a solid link with the content of a toilet ? Will that be considered art too ?

I heard art is meant to be provocative and wake up consciousnesses ... maybe I should be a pioneer and do that first shot myself and start a trend !

The ass equally takes all it's value when round, wet, shiny and has a clear shot of anus (which, I respectfully remind you, is the exit of the larger intestines - through which the food you eat, after all nutriments have been absorbed - exits the body in the form fecal matter). So basically - you pretty much value like gold the exit door of the human's natural "end of the chain work" spot. Next thing I'll hear will be that pee is high class champagne !