Saturday, May 29, 2010

Welcome to Ubuntu - please let your joy scream free

Okay - so today I finally moved tot he Other Side and downloaded Ubuntu 10.04 to install it on my laptop (Acer Aspire 5720 bought in September 2007 I believe with Windows Vista by default. Back then - I would have killed for Vista ! Why ? Compared to fade Windows XP - Vista had the sexy slick glass looks. Yes, I am shallow.

I couldn't update the Windows in December of that year, because I don't have a rooter at home and something just fucked up - I shouldn't have disabled the default firewall - maybe it was what triggered the whole drama. Anyway, I ended up with a seriously fucked up laptop - not running decently half the time. In the last two years - enormous amounts of crashing, blue screens and error messages.

One day I just had enough.

Firstly, uninstalling vista was a plain fucking nightmarish pain in the ass ! Right-clicking on the C-drive and selecting format didn't do anything about it. I never found the format thing in the menu either and boot from cd ? forget it ! It took me half the day to discover that by default, that option was disabled in the moot mode when launching the computer.

I did it my way then. Manually deleted a few files in C drive - put in the Ubuntu bootable cd and F12-ed the whole thing.

Of course, Ubuntu being the generous self it is - offered to split the drive, but I chose a complete erasing of windows and full space for the new kid on the Pc. Loaded like a charm ! Much faster than Windows.

Set up in 7 steps could have been ran with success by a 10 year old kid or younger !

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Defaulft screen after I picked a wallpaper

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
A selection of wallpapers

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Menu - this is the equivalent of Windows start button

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Games menu

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Graphics - Notice how it's easy - convenient and a bliss to navigate : very logic

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Office - Open office is the Free equivalent of Windows Microsoft Office - with also a very logic, easy to naviguate and user friendly design - the very recent versions, on top, are fully compatible with microsoft office formats ;)

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Your Media center : watch, edit, make movies - burn dvds - record sounds

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
This is the same as Windows Control Panel

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Instead of having zillions of icons of shortcutes on your desktop - Ubuntu likes to have them all organized in one neat drop down menu ! If you look for the trashbin, by the way, it's the last icon in the very bottom of the right hand side corner ! after the 4 boxes which are 4 other customizable desktops ;) Because that is the charm of Ubuntu : you can run 12 desktops if you need that much ;) This is the default one. Lucid Lynx is the latest they launched and there are others.

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
The System Preferences lets you fully customize your environment as your heart wishes - down the fonts and sizes ! And they do have some pretty cute and fancy and yet classy and readable fonts !

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
As mentionned : you can pick the font you want for the various "sections" of your Pc - general appearance - documentes - so you can have 5 different types of fonts running as default fonts.

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Inserted a local Québec production movie Good Cop - Bad Cop

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Very soft on the eyes - a part of the menu with the playlist simple and neat on the right hand side.

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Screen saver selection ! I absolutely Love this ant ! so cuuute !

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
This lamp imitates glass fiber glasses and actually changes colors randomly

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Ubuntu coders didn't forget that among their uses - there are females who like fluffy cute pink stuff !

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
If you like biology - I strongly suggest the splitting cells ! it's life in front of your eyes !

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
And of corse - the Matrix code is among the best - and free ( !! ) default choices Ubuntu has :D I mean come on ! half the world if not more went nuts over that movie and we literally craved to get a piece of it ! any format was good.

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
This is what I was referring earlier on : you can have as many desktops running as you wish and you can navigate between them ! You need one desktop for professional purposes and looks ? fine. But you are a hardcore fan of SpongeBob Squarepants but it's not professional eh - screw limitations ! You can have both a boring yet corporately acceptable desktop and Bob making jelly fish bubbles in the one right next to it :D the better of all worlds.

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Notepad ! Made intelligent and sexy and useful ! in all ways possible.

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
A notebook is similar to a folder ! See the logic ? You want to take notes about your biology course : make a notebook labeled Biology - and you automatically know that all your Bio notes are in there ! by default :D Like a folder or a an actual tabbed note pad ;)

Here you can see that the first note that I wrote, which I wanted in that specific note pad - has been automatically been inserted in it :D

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Example of a quick note - and a wink at a friend ;)

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Games !!! Hellyeah baby !! yes - there is a tetris in that group shot ! ( intelligent games, mah-jong, Mines, solitaire, tetris and sudoku !!) I haven't verified for all games but most of them : easy - medium - hard

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
A true classic - no matter the OS - Solitaire ! Except that with Ubuntu - you get a freakin' rich selection of types of solitaires ! explore the menus to discover new challenges

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Intelligent games ! Because - why waste your time, if you can waste it and get more brilliant by the same occasion ? calculation - memory - logic - words - to make of you a clever person ;)

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Example of an intelligent game : how many squares in total ?

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
^-^ yay I got it right !

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
I'm a mah-jong fan since grade school ! goodness gracious thank you Ubuntu ppl for having put this game in the default games !! of course the background color is customizable, as the softness of the tiles

ubuntu,operating system,linux,screen shots
Mines - yet another true classic :D

^__^ and voila ! my very first few hours on Ubuntu !

Fun facts :

Ubuntu starts and shuts down in about less than 5 seconds (with a 3 year old laptop with 2 gig ram)

file transfer is so freakin, quick - you don't have time to blink, even less for a coffee like with Windows.

This thing is fast !

Just like Windows vista, you can have your main home clock and as many other clocks as you wish -

Sunday, May 23, 2010

I still feel lost

I dunno but everything at this moment in my life feels like falling apart. I don't know where I stand anymore. I feel more and more like a walking and thinking zombie.

I almost wish I could be otaku or more clearly hikikomori.

I don't know what I want - concretely. Or, no, I do. What botters me is the options. If my heart could stop shifting like a fucking balance long enough ! but sooner or late it shifts and there goes the other option on the rise.

I want my freedom - my own home - my own place. I don't want an apartment, though - i cannot stand that fucking neighborhood life ! I want quiet and isolated place.

Do I go with photography passion and have a side job or stay at my current job - if they want to keep me and have money income secured ?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010


*copied from live chat with lil bro today*

I think I decided I won't go to Dawson in photography this fall. Today it's been the second time that question was asked. The first time, I was in my second or third week at work and Debbie called me to Salvador's office (Debbie is my team leader, Salvador I have no flippin' idea - he's the head of Charter flights department i think but I could be wrong - he looks like a leader or a boss) and a third man, tall, blond 50's very British to the core accent who's an ever bigger boss ! He asked me how I see my future. I honestly replied that I subscribed at Dawson and I was awaiting an answer. Salvador explained a bit the procedure to him and I nodded.

Today, Debbie asked me if I had news of the school. I said no - not yet. And I realized something in the moment right after ! I didn't want to happen. I didn't any longer wanted to be accepted and if I was - I would refuse.

I honestly like my spot at Air Inuit ! I like the work, I don,t need to be fake around the ppl - there are small groups of friends but at the moment I'm with no one - in my circle - doing my work and no one takes it personally that I'm a bit silent and quiet and do the job ! As I told you - I always come in advance ( 8:15 though I am paid from 8:30), I don't take the 2 times 10 minutes break that I could normally take - I do an impeccable job ! very rarely mistakes and so minor that I can correct them at the second step of my work flow. I very rapidly grew at ease with my work - do it well - and I'm getting quicker and quicker.

Today, I had to do Joe's job (a part of it) since he's on vacation (he's my sort of guide ? helper - he shows me the stuff to do) and so I entered all the 48 checks we had received : it balanced out with the amount of the photocopies I had made ( meaning I didn't miss a single cent in the entry) for a first timer on the calculating machine with the paper roll - I felt happy and proud :D you could have seen my fingers go with ease and comfort ! (proud

And as I was doing the rest of my work - I realized it.

I do photography for the thrills - because I love the shutter sound - for me it's ... aphrodisiac. It fully satisfies me to hear that sound - to press the button - to capture one second among all infinity of the past present and future. I love cameras and what I love is to collect them like trophies ! like an old sense of pride - yeah baby I can afford to throw 3k in a piece of metal junk ! I see the new Olympus Ep1 or 2 as a new "objet de convoitise" a something I need to own - i strive to own - I want to own !!

this morning, as I was rolling in the bus, I noticed how the lil perpendicular streets that touch Cote Vertu where I was - were so green with trees and grass and cute little houses ! I saw a couple to sale ...

I thought how wonderful it would be to be fully myself : buy the Japanese things i want, spend a fortune in delivery fees, buy the clothes I want, the PCs, the games, eat the stuff I want at the hour I want (if I want a burning hot tea at 9pm for example) go out on week ends - do the groceries and get what I want where I want ! sleep naked in winter, or watch torture movies when I have a down (martyrs and the horsemen for example - i was hooked on them last year in fall ... or before ? I was in a depressive period so uber dark movies with pain felt ... just right ! ) I want to buy dolls (Sabik for starters, and a few 50 more) and a canon EOS 50D Mark 2 with the chroma shit i saw on youtube and all that stuff.

I will have my own garden, flowers, vegetables, a pool even !

I want to have my own freedom - my own life - my own rules - my own responsibilities - my own thinking and deciding of stuff. My own way of spending the money I earned through my work.

And even if this doesn't pay nowhere near what I am supposed to get as a medical archivist - I think I honestly don't give an epic fuck ! Let's do life baby steps - like everyone else.

But I want my House !

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Avatar the movie - epic fail

My dad bought the dvd so I am watching it.

1 - the american machismo is epic fail ! It's not by representing the marines as a bunch of heartless on steroids pushed by national ego and pride that the rest of the world will see them any better than a bunch of ruthless morons who'll take what ever they want no matter the ways.

2 - the pink flowers that Jake sees on his first day in the jungle ... if they saw BBC's Seas of LIfe - they wouldn't be so high and mighty about ... plants and stuff

3 - the landscapes being ouh lala : have they seen Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Parc saga ?

4 - the illuminated plants at night : have they seen The Last Rainforest ?

5 - And wow - the female blue cat speaks English. How convenient ! This is clearly a pure egoistical standpoint of vue, but when I daydreaming of White Darkness ( © me ) I do not speak Ancient Latin, and nor does Sabik and Sammael speak modern English or French to be convenient with me ! When I was in my Japanese moment, I didn't conveniently spoke Japanese and even if Kamenashi for the sake of the story spoke English, chose NOT TO, to make it more the experience of living in a foreign world. Are we that afraid that we cannot assume the differences where outside of our lil comfort zone ??

6 - illuminated path of moss as they walk : did you knew that there are fluorescent bacteria in the ocean waters which illuminate as you move if you are in the sea water at night ? and floating Medusa ... oh Christ, just go see a flippin' documentary about the seas and you'll see more than you ever wished for ! "pure spirits" ... yeah Medusa are pure too : they are brainless and yet they are among the most efficient killing machines down there.

7 - Ohh so there is a school to teach the locals English. Miracle it's not a religious based torture and rape seance tryin' to humanize the blue cats. Still - it's never explained HOW long it must have taken, how did the locals reacted when they first approached ? In Pocahantas at least, there is begining and an end. In this Avatar movie, it's Flat dive into it and accept it and be a happy moron.

8 - the tree of prayers and ancestors : again, pale imitation of Ferngully The Last Rainforest 3/4's end sequence.

9 - Oh yeah, that's it - fuck the enemy and than destroy their dreams and hopes ! Oh and yeah - total lack of communication ! No sense of knowing who is the local and who is your own damn rookie infiltrating them !

10 - the destruction of the forest and the ppl meeting in that tree of the ancestors : sooo Ferngully it's not even a funny copy paste.

11 - Grace (the woman chief scientist) swapping into the Na'vi Body : that is soo Ghost in the Shell spiritualized ! Two bodies - mind swapping. (not that I criticized the technological way of how the humans enter their avatars, but I have the same opinion about it. Ghost in the shell theory and fact applied to this movie. )

12 - Final conclusion : watch Ghost in the Shell : Innocence, to see real mind blowing visual technology.