Thursday, August 01, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Playlist

#1 first song is the overall theme for the apocalypse
Block B(블락비) _ NILLILI MAMBO(닐리리 맘보)
Emi's comments : this apocalypse's gonna be a tropical vacations wiht a Boss like this - okey, dokey!?

#2 second song in what plays when you kill your first zombie
에픽하이(Epik high) - One (Feat. 지선)
Emi's comments : yeah well d'uh time is clicking when you have to shoot one!

#3 third song plays hwen getting chased by a horde
U-KISS(유키스) / Standing Still
Emi's comments : I'm fucked. Massively. "I'm on fire, but you're standing still. I'm burning down but you keep on standing still." Holding a fucking marshmallow on a stick.

#4 forth song plays when you to kill your loved one
Emi's comments : not sure but i think this guys is from big bang so - i'll go cure my broken heart with TOP (if he's miraculously song number 5)

#5 Fifht song plays when you find a group of survivors
SHINee(샤이니) _ 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay)
Emi's commenets : No need to seek remedy elsewhere It's my SHINee boys! I'll just drag Jongie's body with me and CPR the living shit outta him.

#6 Sixt song plas when you meet a new love interest
PURE(퓨어) _ I still love you(난 아직도 널)
Emi's comments : Sorry new love interest, no can do. My Jongie lives! *huggles him and breaks his last remaining rib bones)

#7 Seventh song plays when you have to make a final stand
K.I.S.S. - Because I'm A Girl (Original version)
Emi's comments : takes off tshirt - brace yourselves! boobie flash *zombies are amazed and drop dead*

#8 Eight song plays when you think you've survived it all
SHINee 샤이니 AMIGO(아 미 고
Emi's comments : "cold heart baby - cold eyes baby" - yeah well, the day a zombie will be 37.5C - call me and we can be amigos

#9 Ninth song plays when you discover a bite mark on you
Block B- 나만 이런거야 (Is It Just Me)
Emi's comments : if it is - Jongie, be warned, your neck is next.

#10 Tenth song plays over the end credits
Typhoon - SO
Emi's comments : well whaddyawant - a classic IS a classic. Ages like vine.