Sunday, August 15, 2010

I guess I'll never be ready

Today, for some odd reason and just for the kicks, I created myself a profile over plenty of fish . com - a dating site. I came to know of it's existence through a coworker's who's sister is on the site.

I guess I created a profile for the kicks but only 2 hours after I feel like deleting it.

Maybe I am simply not ready and never will be ready to face a real relationship.

I been falling in love with virtual men since I'm 8. The few real man I loved with the same burning passion either didn't love me back or the ones who did, I didn't love them back so - let's face it. It wasn't meant to be happening for me. Not in this lifetime.

And - it has been actually comforting to love an idea ghost. Sabik beat the record of all my men put together ! Where most lovers lasted max 6 months, he lasted 2 years !

And now, Henri is sort of ... occupying the throne of my heart. Which doesn't leave an empty spot for any other ... beau.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

White pants on a red day

I should have known better. A night in the arms of two blond men, followed by a night with Andrew only could foretold the upcoming monthly joy of the female flood. I even joked about it with a friend on msn but failed to take into consideration the screaming signals and had the most wonderful idea of putting on my pale beige tight pants (first gift from my first ex upon my change of looks) and voila ! I couldn't have picked a better day !

I just pray now that no ... bad omen will leak through the improvised barrier.