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12 Compelling Arguments to Never Give Another Blow Job - WEAKEST ARTICLE EVER WRITTEN

1. Deep within your heart ... you know you can get oral without giving it. Whoever started the rumor that oral sex is an act of reciprocity was probably a dude, and he was definitely lying. If a dude won't go down on you, dump him. If a dude refuses to go down on you unless you return the favor, dump him. A truly great man will go down on you forever and never expect a thing. Find you that man.

Counter arguments; Ever heard of prostitution ? Girls do blowjobs because they are paid for.... Ever heard of Porn ? Girls give blowjobs because they are paid for. Ever heard of random One Night or one evening flings or one dates or what ever situation where you will nver see the guy but hottdamn he has a face you wanna scream and beg you to either stop or keep going but just end his mysery because it's damn good and you just adore the sadistic pleasure of torturing him through a most venerated blowjob ? ^-^

2. You're so sleepy! Wow, what a yawn that was. He probably saw the yawn and thought, "Hmm I bet my penis would fit in there!" But you are just too tired for that right now, and in fact, you may be too tired for that forever.

Counter arguments; WHY the hell would you even THINK of a goddamn blowbjob when you're tired ? Like hello! Go to foken bed and sleep! do a blowjob next morning in the shower! If you have yawned... I bet that ANY sort of sex is out of question so specifically focusing on a blowjob is a cheap desperate pretext to get this list have one more bullet. F like FAILED. Your argument is cheaper than cum.

3. In this day and age, refusing to go down on a dude is practically part of the #resistance. Look, women have it hard enough as it is. Feminist acts come in all shapes and sizes. What doesn't come in all shapes in sizes is your partner's dick, because you won't be going down on him.

Counterargument; Ever heard of BASIC Respect ? If the guy doesn't respect you he doesn't deserve you and the blowjob CHEAPENS YOU for giving in. If you base yourself, your self worth and your value on the amount of blowjobs you THINK you owe to what evermen.... Omg are you living in a sex slave situation ? Like literally ? Because YOU HAVE THE GODDAMN POWER TO SAY NO AND NO BE FIRED, OR NOT BE KILLED. Oh you will be rejected by ONE man ? is he God incarnate ? If ONE guy rejects you on the sole basis of a blowjob refusal, he literally has ZERO respect and value for you and if you value him more than yourself - you have some messed up self-esteem issues darling.

4. You work so hard all day long doing your actual job. Why on earth would you want to come home and deal with this exhausting side hustle (his penis in your mouth) when you already work so hard at your actual job all day?

Counter argument; How about this ? You come after a long day at work, HE cooks for you, washes the dishes, offers you a cunnilungus on the sofa and revigorated by good food and a relaxing night, and aroused and massively turned on by his skills, you Naturally feel like why not treat the guy with a lil something before you just go full blown annoy the neighbours in Dolby Digital System Surround. Again, using This specific context is cheap. What if it's Sunday morning, with a gorgeous soft pale pastel golden light flooding in the bedroom, you look at his sleeping face and you just wanna make him scream and moan with pleasure. Why did you specifically focus on a negative aspect to justify your bullet point ? Cheap - cheap - Fail.

5. Men are already having way too many orgasms anyway. The orgasm gap is real, folks, and if you're a straight woman who's having sex with a straight dude, just know (and I'm sorry!) that you're having far fewer orgasms than your partner. Closing the orgasm gap starts with you, honey, and the way it starts is with a lack of blow jobs.

Counter argument; You gotta me fucking kidding me. Have you even googled the matter ? Female orgasm is stronger and women are capable of having multiple consecutive orgasms. Men can have that one and have to wait to relax and be ready again while females can have one back to back. Fake argument, fail.

6. You can't have deep and meaningful conversations with a penis in your mouth! Sure, sexual intimacy is an important part of a healthy relationship, but so is emotional intimacy, accomplished via heartfelt chats.

Counter argument; WHO on the planet earth would have a motherfucking deep and meaningful conversation during SEX ??? From what planet have you landed ?? During sex, partners usually either dirty talk and call each other the worse slang available, use the dirtiest language available, scream, moan, gasp, or if older married couple just think about laundry, cooking, dropping the kids at the piano ballet lesson while trying to enjoy the performance of their partner.

7. Darn! You would, but you just brushed your teeth and don't really want to put anything else in your mouth. If only he'd asked just three minutes earlier! Shucks!

Counter argument; Does this apply to when you just brushed your teeth but have a sudden craving for a snack and indulge yourself and fuck the teeth, you'll just brush again and feel and enjoy that sweet minty flavour again in your mouth. Cheap ass excuse; Fail.

8. It would be way more fun for both of you to just have penetrative sex. I've yet to see a compelling argument that proves a crude, bodily instrument such as the penis can tell the difference between the inside of a mouth and the inside of a vagina. Skip the blow job and go straight to sex — something you can both enjoy.

Counter argument; This applies to females too then, we MUST most definitely enjoy being rammed by a penis much more than being eaten out, our clitoris stimulated by a soft damp tongue and lips doing soft teasing sucking and circular motions.... yes yes obviously ... we need our faces meet with our partners because we need to have a deep and meaningful conversation about world peace and women's rights while we are having sex thursday evening.

9. Honestly, has he really earned it? Do you know what was a great rewards system? The chore chart my family had, where I won stars to earn my allowance each week. How many stars are on your boyfriend's chore chart? Surely not enough for a blow job.

Counter argument; If you love your guy truly maddly deeply, YES he has earned his damn blowjob and if he likes you the same, you have earned your cunnilungs or your doggy on the sofa, or what ever the hell you prefer to be treated with by him. It's called Being mutually passionate about the other and giving them something special and enjoyable because - you know what - WE ACTUALLY FUCKING LOVE OUR PARTNER. Ever heard of that ?

10. You're saving this for an extra special, TBD occasion. Blow jobs are kind of like an ~extra-fancy~ bottle of wine that you don't want to open until the perfect moment. When will that perfect moment be? Who's to say! But it's certainly not now (and TBH, it's probably not ever).

Counter argument; or they can be the cheapest most basic everyday handshake. Who has decided that blowjobs are that special ? Give an expensive bottle of champagne to a liquor enthousiast and he'll drain that bubbly shit down the sink and apologize for the accident. Blowjobs are special ? Darling, we are in 2017! Blowjobs are like shaking hands and kissing. Anal is the special thing today. Get an update honey!

11. You don't want premature lip wrinkles. Not that there's any proof that sucking on a penis will cause your the skin around your mouth to wrinkle, but it seems believable enough, right?

Counter argument; Because using all those chemically produced lip products isn't any damaging for the lips ? And cosmetics are sold like the best fucking thing on the planet. If you think your shiny lip gloss, your liquid matte or your velvetine is not helping your lips age and wrinkle ... in what world do you live in ? What if sucking on a straw, you know your fruit juice at Starbucks which costs like 10 bucks, what if that is straining your lips ? We have no scientific evidence, but it might as well be the case.

12. Look, penises can be icky. All I'm saying is if the dude can't ever wash his sheets or comb his hair, odd are he's not doing routine hygiene maintenance on his nether regions.

Counter argument; men today, again i repeat, 2017, are pretty damn self aware and conscious and if they can use facial skin care and make up to enhance themselves and follow fashion, i'm pretty damn sure they can wash themselves and be perfumed down there!

original article;

Weakest article I have read in a while. I assume that it was written on the go in some public transport, a bus, a metro, and she based her argumentation based off the random dudes she just saw sitting across from her because if You Genuinely Love Your man, these are NON issues and at best, a blowjob will become your obsession towards your guy and you want to hear him moan and groan and ask for more. Anyone else, Why would they even THINK they are entitled for such a thing ? But then again, the whole article was written in the general sense and direction of a couple - meaning the partners love each other.

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Barbie Star Light adventure Movie Review

Barbie; Starlight adventure


The Pros 

  • I love the original non overly pink fashion diversity in this movie. The designers really went wild with freedom of creativity while essentially maintaining and respecting coherency and fluidity and harmony throughout the design schemes. Very happy to see greys and blacks and very space palette in the uniforms - finally allowing Barbie to also wear something else than her trademark pink which was incredibly refreshing, mature, appreciated and overall gave a sense of credibility to the overall story, visuals and seriousness of the story.
  • finally new hairdos (love Barbie rocking the braid) - though! - it could pass for a cheap rip-off from Elsa's trademark braid from Frozen. Though - who can blame the creative team? It's been everywhere since Frozen came out - everyone been rocking the side braid! Elsa doesn't own it - she made it popular. 
  • the second lead (in the story she's the faster racer though) is a Black* girl with some major funky hairdo (I bet her colorist is Guy Tang! )

  • (I am especially referencing This video of Guy Tang on YouTube - this photo is not a perfect accurate sample - i was refering to Sal-Lee's hairdo while passing a hoverboard test with barbie and the Gravity Sisters Sheena and Kareena)
  • Barbie wears interesting space fashion which doesn't end up in stupid girly girl frizzy layers of sparkles godbles. Matter of fact, she quite rocks the coral red and aqua turquoise accents quite ravishingly !
  • Sal-Lee is not by default Barbie's enemy or designated arch nemesis - Very very very refreshing and welcomed! I love the fact that Sal-Lee's character is better in technical skills in the story, yet it's not a useless confrontation to Barbie who plays the simple next-door almost poor neighborhood country girl (She does come from a "Reserve" planet, surrounded in greens, and wild animals (a visual fiest! trust me on that! James Cameron's Pandora has NOTHING on Peredin (i hope to spell that correctly)
  • The Prince looks pretty decent of a Barbie movie Prince- he's in fact quite charming and adorable with a typical modern and stylish haircut and color being the casual goofy good guy who doesn't especially take his ranking to the next level like lesser self full of themselves people. Very refreshing and adorable character who's your typical guy deep down inside who likes life's good things; good food, the smell of a new car (or a new spaceship ;)), friends and is blessed with integrity (dares speak up to his father the king about Barbie's misconduct) while not being an arrogant hot tempered brat either
  • Visuals are AMAZING at all levels. Peredin as the reserve planet with it's luscious greens is breathtaking - very interesting animal designs (one bit made me think of Jurassic park's "vegetarian" dinosaurs mixed with giraffes - very clever and nicely designed alien animals. Bird fans will fall in love with the locals ;) Barbie's own pet "PupCorn" is the most adorable little thing! The king's castle is amazing in the royalty x technological x space design feature having the universe's elliptic map carved in the court room floor and you have to appreciate the Mayan like staircase leading up to the King's throne - a soft hint that - you might be a king, but it's deserved, and you still have to put in some effort to sit on your glory. I love this touch!
  • Very very interesting character design for the "fill in the space" characters especially at the court-room during the first evening party gathering. The intricate mix between classic European Medieval and fantasy science-fiction was amazing! You have to see the movie to enjoy the intricate details! The makers really didn't go sloppy on this and it's greatly appreciated - especially coming from a Barbie movie.
  • The king is an interesting neutral figure and I loved how he's not your typical evident super typical super villain archetype who dreams of conquering the world. He is actually and factually your typical adult figure (I think the only real adult figure in this movie). He keeps his true motives secret, not to test Barbie, but because, in his mind, that knowledge is not needed be known by Barbie. I also love how Barbie becomes real, human, and weak by assuming what basically everyone would assume based on the knowledge of one fact, that the king has the biggest zoological park. (The team is sent to capture a wild animal) while in fact, it wasn't what the King had planned - This duality here was absolutely refreshingly beautiful !
  • The dance at the royal court - accurate representation of classic Medieval dance was a nice touch to clash with Barbie's modern style based off another sense of rhythm
  • The fact that the Prince (Leo) is not your typical stud saving the day is also gloriously welcome - I love a simple goofy down to earth guy but i have already mentioned this


  • Barbie's father could have been aged a bit more; he looks about 2 years older than his daughter - at best, he'd pass for a big brother. I am a bit disappointed here! Even if Barbie is a merely a mid-teen, the father figure could have been aged a bit to look more adult-ish. He's just not credible at all. There is no sense of sorrow or sadness or weakness at the evocation of the memory of his passed-away wife, Barbie's mother which also cuts away from his depth. I know this is a Barbie movie for children but just a notch more feeling would have been appreciated, to show real grief even with such a long time having passed by. Also at the end of the movie, he's just casually totally okay for her daughter to be a princess and already revers her as such. I would have loved a bit more of depth and perhaps having a bit of "so proud of you honey" or "you did amazing" or "see what happens when you follow your heart" and just a slightly longer extended father-daughter moment. For once Barbie has an actual first-degree parent (not an aunt or a distant relative), a bit more digging in deep in the bond between parent-child.
  • One detail in the script which annoyed me with Barbie was how she starts off by having fun on her own with the hoverboard, comes home late and apparently doesn't have time to play with her pet, Pupcorn. I found her attitude a bit - disappointing. But i guess it's a representation of real life situations so I won't make a fuss over this detail
  • The designs of the butterflies on Peredin look a bit thick and stiff - that disappointed me. I know this is CG-animation but the could have put a tiny effort into replicating butterfly frail delicate wing texture - the lightness of it - these look thick and fake and plastic-y 
  • The songs also disappointed me. I absolutely loved the songs from Fashion Fairytale  and The Crystal Castle (have it in my iPod in a playlist). The songs had nothing overly extra-ordinaire and catchy. The end soundtrack - Firefly - is quite nice but not exactly out of this world - but i could grow on me after a few listens. 
IMBD gives this movie a solid 5.5 !! I'm giving it a solid 7.5 - oh heck - let's be honest - 7.9! For what it is - it's a pretty good movie! It breaks many boring things the Barbie movies have and the innovation is a breath of fresh air that is obviously underappreciated by the critics.

Go watch it ! it's super cute movie!

Barbie Star Light Adventure Wiki Page

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Trip to Seoul - 2 - Napping and Landing

 Taking off where I left off from the previous post ~

Nap number 2 is a success! I wake up to a normally lit up airplane,  ppl are more active and would ya look at that! No back pain! I even had small pre-dreams. The first started like a TV commercial. I'm getting good with these. Seemingly, men's fashion is limited compared to women's so to adjust that, men can compensate with bright colored pattern pants. I had the image of a male model wearing ankle height cut strait lines pants with huge pink and red squares. The advertisement went on and the camera moved up showing a nicely cut deep blue (bottom of the sea blue) with royal blue very thin lines making big square patterns. The blue toned down the eccentric loud colors of the pants. The model was wearing a pale yellow almost fading to beige shirt.

Then I had a mini bit about something I forgot, then about Julie at work in my second department (I normally belong to Financial maintenance / Imaging but I am landed to Funding / data entry. Julie is the department's supervisor's assistant.

I probably had a few more random bits of oddities but I don't remember. 

~ Overall, it was a nice sleep - I turned to my left side to face the inside seats to my left and I slept really good, if we take into consideration that I was on a plane. 

Right now it's 2:54 am and I have started to feel the odd tingly sensation at the top of my heart - sign I have been missing adequate sleep. Same tingling is in my fingertips. But mostly the heart one annoys me. Right now is not the proper time to be distracted by useless weird sensations. Breakfast is about to be served and before I turned on this current movie, I saw that we have above one hour flight remaining. (Just checked - 1h16 and right on cue the tingle in my left hand's fingers go bezerk. I shall silence the swear that automatically popped to mind. 

~ Please remember that the time is still Montreal's EST time - meaning it is 2am Saturday morning (if my Phone didn't decide to try to get friendly with some unknown time zone during flight time - but I don't think it did ... my iPod showed about the same time and it doesn't change automatically unless I change it) 

And that little annoying stress feeling was mostly ... at some level a reminder of the stress I felt back at the Pierre-Elliott Trudeau airport before I left, and some other unrelated future possible stresses. 

And before I forget. This was a little major concern a few hours earlier, while still sitting on that red couch in the entrance hall area of the airport. This thought hit me like an invisible stabbing Rambo knife in my chest. "Do you need a Visa to get into Korea?" 'Cause, darling, if you do - you are massively screwed. Yeah - it's all fine and dandy to brag about this huge trip "I fly in, I get inked, I fly out!" but it's another to actually, practically, in the reality of truth and facts, do it and be able to do it. 

That fear was very concrete and sharp and poignant around the heart when it happened but then, the ... the whole spirit of this trip washed it off. Que sera sera. If I need a back up plan - I could always either lie and get a tattoo artist here (Bao from Burning Monk Tattoo where I got my first one done was Asian so it would remotely cut it) or tell the truth and go back home my tail between my legs and just admit my complete immaturity and ignorance about the big wide world. To justify my "leaving and staying out" I could rent a cheap hotel room or I could go back home and just say that the trip got cancelled. To my parents, I told that I was going to Detroit on a business trip for my work, since our office was planning to launch a new software and key persons per department were to be formed and taught how to use it to teach it to the rest of departments and everyone who'd use it. 

2:59am (local Montreal time)

~ Ah voila - confirmation. Still Montreal's EST time. 

3:21am my ears are a little clogged - I noticed the plane had a small going down in altitude.  After breakfast I will chew gum to re-establish this. This movie is also good! Hide and seek

~ The movie is actually quite good! The plot is incredible well twisted with the main plot. I highly recommend!

3:33am  yes I could have chosen the Korean breakfast but I needed a touch of old habits so the cheese omelet wan this game. I will eat Korean for 3 days anyway pretty soon!!

~ The Korean menu was something with vegetables which was a bit too healthy for my bad bad westerner's eating habits and I gave in the cheese angle. 

3:37am my Korean flight attendant saw my western breakfast and I just spurred out what I had written above. Last memory of home-food before I land to Seoul and eat Korean for 4 days ^^ She had that special friendly smile and said how westerns like the local food to which I replied that I have been practicing my spicy tolerances for some time now, to which she added "that is the most popular." I hope I will survive it.

~ In fact I was really ... concerned about what I read about Korean's enthusiasm at using hot spices to give a happy gusto festival to taste buds. 

3:52am the commander just announced we would be landing in about 25 minutes - usual prepping for landing engaged. Store away items, taken out of carry on and dispose of beverage cups and any remaining used items that are disposable.

~ And a weird mix of enthusiasms, nervousness and by the time this conscious thought hit me, it was all gone, completely washed off by this overall serenity that just wrapped itself around me throughout this whole thing. 

4am - official landing procedure begun. My heart does indeed twinkle and flutter and I don't know if it's excitement,  nervousness or lack of decent sleep. 

~ As I re-read this today (April  27th) as I write this blog, I seem to feel that feeling again and that same excitement and peacefulness and happiness. 

Well. Holyshitfuckfamnit.

~ Yep. That was seriously honestly heart felt. 

4:11am we touched ground and I am bout to have a heart attack. Local time is 5pm. 

~ I was exaggerating. I was zen as fuck. 

4:15am can you actually believe this?? I am in Korea. Wow.

~ I was happy. Excited. Relieved. Content. I felt a sense of accomplishment, getting this far. All alone. In a foreign country. On the other side of the world. You realize how small you are and yet how wonderfully powerful and capable you are if you put your mind and heart to it and trust your gut feeling. Throughout this thing an expression kept coming back to my mind "Take a leap of faith" from the movie Inception. I kept hearing the

4:48am Currently in line for customs. After we landed and debarked, got off, walked, stairs down, took a short train (less than a minute ride) to some more walking to customs. The lady welcoming us is wearing a traditional hanbok in cotton - white shirt and blue dress with embroidered flowers on the upper part.

~ Too bad photos are strictly prohibited, forbidden - she was cute wearing the traditional robe and I would have loved to have a photo of her. 

Customs were pretty neat. And funky and techy! My passport was scanned, my picture was taken and my finger prints were taken! That was actually cute. The clerk asks the me usual questions; length of stay, reason ~ 4 days, visiting friends. I refrained from telling the truth even if it was actually burning me. Then the clerk types stuff and asks me to put my finger on some device to my left side to be scanned. I automatically ask him "which one?" (which finger) he indicates me the thingie (I was sort of busy being happy observing a real life Korean man so I didn't pay attention to the scanner by myself ^^) When i noticed the said machine, I was prompt to obey and pose my two index fingers on the indicated location and look at the cam to be scanned.

And then it was done and I could exit, passing two more security type clerks, officers, (of course I couldn't refrain myself and greeting them in Korean, just for the sake of sprinkling some "annyeonghasseyo's" like a fairy would sprinkle fairy dust.

Then it was luggage retrieval time. And here I have to tip my hat to Incheon International Airport policy and staff people. I LOVE you guys. My luggage has a tiny little plastic thingie in back where I had my name and home address on a paper - for identification purposes. Well, that back part was flipped ON TOP! So that when the luggage was gently rolling on the carpet, it was clearly recognizable to the owner! I have traveled back home (Romania and on one trip I had to retrieve my luggage at the Brussels airport) and in Ireland and this is the first time ever that my luggage was flipped backwards so that I could easily recognize it. I appreciate it! A LOT. Kamsahamnida! <3 nbsp="" p="">

5:38pm (Local Seoul Time) Somehow - by looking around and asking (there goes my macho inner male side - I asked for directions!) I managed to get on the train from Incheon airport arrivals and customs and luggage check out (something I have to emphasize and shed a glorious light upon here. 

In Korea, if they see you have a name tag at the bottom back end of your luggage, they will flip that upside down so that you can actually spot and recognize your stuff at pick up!! Aren't they nice and .... *burst of love*)  and back to our story - here I am sitting in the wagon, surrounded by Koreans and I feel so relaxed and at home! I think I'm broken 'cause for fuck's sake dude! I just crossed half the fucking world as if I was eating breakfast with Sunday morning cartoons. 

~  Just yapped about this so I won't repeat myself, but yeah, seriously, this is that kind of little details that makes a trip just a whole lot better. 

Some small distance before the exit I guess, there were the indispensable money exchange booths and ATM machines. The furthest to the left - even if indicating World Wide Visa and stuff - didn't work, so I had to wait in line at the middle machine to take out local money from my Visa card, which also let me exchange briefly with foreigners like me ^^ it felt good and comforting I guess. 

The second (middle machine, because the right one was exclusively Korean(?) ATM machine) did actually work, I could retrieve money which I later used at the Metro cards machine to get a my card to take the train. Good thing the machine has an English option! But it's incredibly easy to use! It even greets you as you approach it, I suspect it has a motion detector or something. It's actually super cute. I was happy I could figure this out on my own but I really don't have any credit - it's super easy to use, straightforward, logical. 

The train trip. So I did actually had to ask the clerk in the info booth (she was busy with another customer so I pressed a button to have a bell sound to get her attention, she acknowledged m and and gave me a quick "Just a moment please, I finish with this customer and I'll be with you shortly." sort of finger gesture and smile and when she was done she did come and I asked (Because I had actually gone down the stairs and seen two possible opposing directions to go down to the train platform and I wasn't sure) ... so I asked which side was preferable to go down to if I wanted to take the train up to train station Digital City Media from where I would then go to my Guest House. She kindly but clearly pointed the left direction. The difference, visually, which stroke me to come back and ask for directions was that right hand side had a colored wall and left was plain blank and something about the difference - or perhaps just the fact that there were two stairs going down to a same train station flashed a red light in my mind. In Montreal, metro (subway) stations have two stairs going down depending on what direction you want to go to - so in case of doubt, just ask. And we are still at the airport - they are bound to know common English. (I did, though, show her the print of my Guest House's address in Hangeul and English to give her a good idea of where I needed to go. The indications clearly mentioned Station 6 too, if that helped. I don't know if there is any difference - in all honesty - between the left or the right paths down past the first flight of stairs but I followed her indication and got to the right place. 

The train soon came, I was among the firsts to embark and took a seat's edge and secured my luggage and carry on on the side of the seat and sat down, watching other people getting on, the little map above the door and being relieved and excited.
And I am pretty much the only foreigner around in at least a mile. I feelz speshul. And contrary to what books and websites say - I am not observed like an alien. The other passengers happily chat between themselves and I find it soothing and relaxing instead of being disturbed or scared or even remotely concerned.

At this point it feels like a huge version of Montreal.

~ It felt so cute and homey and normal! It is the train from the airport into the city, so these people are probably used to see foreigners and tourists but still. It felt good to be just another passenger, and not a unicorn - to use a common expression.

Some thoughts off the top of my head. 

7:02pm - Nearly half way done. I am actually happy my flight arrived one hour earlier. It's already 7pm and I'm not in Seoul yet. Had this been as printed on my e-ticket I would have arrived there at 8-9! At 7 the dark is mostly grey so I have a chance of recognizing the guide images to my Guest House. 

~ Technically I did arrive at a little past 8pm at Digital City Media station ^^ 

Delta airlines now. The first small plane was cute but crammed. I was seated next to a Montreal francophone woman who's French husband was working in Saint-Louis,  she was going there to be with him. Of course she asked about my own trip and I had to lie a little bit. I couldn't flat out yap out that I embarked on this crazy egoistical self proving journey to tattoo the name of a boy I'll never meet in reality. So I slightly embellished the tale. I met my "boyfriend" (sorry Jongie, yet again I fail to ask your permission) on Facebook through mutual friend. (I actually stumbled on him on YouTube and he didn't impress or leave any strong impression at first sight. It took me a whole week to get addicted beyond repair to Lucifer and him and then I enjoyed a two- three weeks feeling guilty for desiring such a young man.) 

He "my boyfriend" was in Montreal some years ago (liiiies - Jongie just likes Canada in general I think) but we didn't cross each other then, I wasn't particularly into Koreans (into actual living human beings - I had Sabik back then) and years later, last year a little before his birthday I fell back in the magic potion cauldron and got massively infected and obsessed with Korean culture and I had friends on Facebook who were into it too and boom voila - from friendship to something else and I wanted to celebrate our first year in style by a surprise visit and a tattoo. (Surprise visit is a huge ass lie. I been wanting this since April last year. And Jongie doesn't know about me, my craziness and this tattoo project. Besides he's busy concerting in Buenos Aires!) I should be a professional liar. I'm a fucking natural at it. 

~ I swear. My talent to lie and create cute little credible stories is ... I'm happy JongHyun doesn't know about me. I don't see myself spending half day bowing to him and feeling bad and apologizing for this whole story ^^;  "Hey sorry, I pretended you were my boyfriend for a year and there were talks about getting to a more serious level" ... yah - let's just avoid this whole embarrassing justification and stuff. 

Transfer from Montreal/Detroit Detroit to Seoul was easy peasy lemon squeezie but good thing there was that one hour range 'cause by the time I got to the right gate, they were embarking! God bless long interminable lines!

The plane was huuuge! A mastodonte!  It was divided in 3 sections and I saw stairs going up to the second floor! First class looked oh mama mia! About half of what is shown in Inception.  My seat was G55 which was pretty much ....3 rows after the lavatories and halfway through?  I will do more elaborate researches later. And now the crucial emilian test: seat comfort. Check!! Both in sitting size and in space for legs! I could comfortably stretch out!

Looking out we are crossing Han river! 

In both cases the food was pretty damn good! In the first one, the cookies, in the second everything else.

I am happy I brought my own blanket though. He ones I saw in the small plastic bag seemed small and thin. Choice of movies was good and choice of available languages even better. My ears only clogged a tiny bit upon landing and my back is not even sore! I could nap decently on my side turned to the left and

~ I learned this lesson on various trips but mostly  on long flights back home with those ridiculously small and thin blankets which left me freezing. This blue one I got from the dollar store, literally the day before leaving, or two days prior, cost me 3$ and is super huge, warm, very snug and I was really happy I got it. I was in my t shirt in the plane, under it, I was super warm and comfortable as in my own bed.

This was not recorded nor on Writer nor on Facebook (lack of internet connection and I disabled mobile data, even took out my SIM card because my phone was attempting to Roam or was Roaming and I was just a wee bit panicky and "Nope - sorry darling, you ain't gonna get me a 7 000$ bill when I get back home. 

So I got to Digital City Station, had a small heart flutter when the speaker voice announced it (English, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and repeated it 2 times, indicated on which side the doors would open too) shouldered my purse and blanket, grabbed my luggage's handle and stood ready by the door to get off. 

The ... little mistake I did here was that I tried looked for exit 2 - while the Guest House's specifications indicate Station number 2 ~ Sangsu ~ to which I should have transferred. I actually did check that out on Google before leaving but I didn't clearly get their indications so I was mostly relying on gut feeling, good luck and taxis! Which actually ended up happening. 

After finding what looked like exit 2 (though it didn't exactly looked like my print out photo guides) I decided to venture outside and take a peek.

Definitely not looking like the photo guide but I still walked a bit around until the street's end to be completely sure - and nope - wrong spot! So I headed back to the metro station. And since I was back in the station, I decided to play by the rules and gave back my card to one of those subway pass taking back machines and get my change back - which is overall so cute! 

With that done, I came to the conclusion that - I had enough money for the Guest house and enough for some expenses which tonight included a Taxi. 

Still wasn't scared and concerned ; I had the address printed and the phone number. I could just hand over the paper and let the driver do his job and I trusted he'd get me to the right place. 

Exited the subway again, this time more confident. I had previously seen two buses pass by and one parked but I really didn't want to risk getting into unplanned adventures on my first night, just after landing and with a check-in appointment at Guest House B. 

One taxi got a client super quickly but I didn't panic or was remotely concerned. Taxis are bound to roam the streets of a nicely populated city. I waited not even two minutes and one came by - a client got out and I hailed it. I later learned that in Seoul, the way to call a taxi is to wave at it with your hand at your waist level but on the spur of the moment I was just an honest tourist and I shouted politely "Taxi!" The driver heard, looked in my direction, smiled and invited me over. I grabbed my luggage and let a car pass in front of me before I crossed the street and got to the taxi. Seeing my luggage, the driver opened the trunk to let me put my luggage in and I installed myself in the front seat, fiddled in my purse and found the printed address and handed it over the driver. Super cute moment ensued as he got out his reading glasses and read the address in Hangeul, asked or commented in Korean and I was just all smiles and happy, completely serene and trusting him and his abilities and his professionalism.

He entered the data in the GPS and started rolling. At some point he did call up the guest house and spoke with someone to get indications I guess... handed me the phone, I spoke with a female voice (who later came to pick me up from the car and lead me to the Guest house) I confirmed that I was myself (they had my name and time of check in scheduled for that evening (I did email Jun before hand specifying that I would be coming in the evening because my flight would land at 7pm) and after some more chit chat - we were rolling on the high way or bigger street in direction to the final destination.

He had a small conversation going at some point to which I mostly smiled because I honestly didn't understand a word! Well - I did understand One word ; hakseng (I'm sure this is not the proper romanization) which means student. On the spot, it took me a while to light up and realize that he was asking me if I was a student! I presume my face fooled him ^^ so I smiled more and nodded and answered "Ne!" (Yes, I am a student)

After some time we got in the right ... area ? And since it was a red light, we stopped and I think it was my first encounter with the Funky Building (know by everyone as the KT&G which was lit up with changing colors. It was simply beautiful! I can't remember if I remembered the word "yeppun" right there on the spot or just pointed and smiled at it... 

The driver called the guest house again, talked with the girl and a minute later or not even, this young woman or my age and height was leaning over my window chatting with the driver. I got my wallet out and gave 50Won of which I got some money back and he indicated that my luggage was in the trunk of the car. I did thanked him in Korean and after a small battle with the seat belt, got out and rushed after the young woman, taking my first whisk of local air, ambiance and just being in what became a natural state of being during my state there : happy and at peace. 

I learned later that for taxi rides in Korea, the passenger and the driver agree on an amount Before the course... I think ... but I was an unusual uninformed tourist so this once it was okay to do it another way. Koreans are very friendly and comprehensive towards foreigners who don't know their customs and ways of doing things. 

The young woman took my luggage before I could relieve her of it - I felt bad because it was heavy and I could have carried it myself (especially as I  noticed we had to go 2 flights of stairs and and then 2 more because my room was on the top floor.

We got inside and here I cannot be sure if I paid straight away at the counter - which seems the most logical way that pops to my mind. The young woman going behind the counter, pulling out my info (information flyer, little card with my room number, door code, WiFi code, my towel and slippers, and then we confirm my fee for the stay and I pay. Then she takes my luggage again and we go up the second 2 flights of stairs and she leads me to my room, shows me how the lock works, puts down my luggage and makes me visit the top floor - where the bathrooms and shower rooms are, then she greets me good night and light bow, me the same, and I go back to my room alone - ready to just flop down and enjoy a huge sense of relief.

Bonus Recaps from Facebook ~

8:21 pm local Korean time. I have landed, found the train to the line 6 exited got lost found this super nice taxi driver who doesn't speak a word English, called guest house, managed to get here.
For the record I'm still zen as fuck!
This feels so much like home it's.... wow. The only issue is that they and I speak different languages

~ This was posted from my room as I accessed the Guest House's blessed awesome WiFi !

To Be Continued