Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why religion is NOT a force for good in the world (Christopher Hitchens) Youtube and personal comment

My answer :

up until 2:29 - even if I am christian believer and all that jazz - I was sort of okay with the man, but then he said : "is good for the world to worship a deity who takes sides in wars" - Sir - I am sorry to contradict you but, unless I have the god himself appear in my room to have a tea with me and tell me bluntly in clear English that yeah he pushed men into war and enjoyed everything that ensued - i will have to disagree. MEN wrote the bible, MEN created this deity and all others and MEN ran into war in it's name to clean themselves of all murders. Templars did it - modern soldiers do it - it's easier to say God is on my side and will forgive me if I kill a few men who were also driven into this crazy shit by their higher ups and yeah sure he'll forgive me if I rape a women or a kid - it's all for good cause. God is on my side!

furthermore - religion was created centuries ago and didn't evolve or barely! It has the same value as Santa Claus and the Little Mermaid - except some people decided that the Bible fairy tale was more important and thus became the bigger shit to follow. In no way does that excuse any sort of behavior which uses the exuse "God is on my side - God is leading me - In the Holy Name of God" - anyone who says that is a prime level idiot douchebag because you are blindly believing and following a bunch of fairy tales written at the dawn of human intelligence BY ONE group of men who lived in ONE area of the world. In no way does it mean that what they said, wrote and set as rules is valid today and must be blindly followed! (And must I remind that that ONE group of men actually borrowed if not stole fairy tales from the people at which they were guests ? Just sayin' - it's not even their original fairy tales.)

"... one Religion that has not done that" at 3:06 - Buddhism ? They don't ask you to go in a war in the name of God - or any god at all. They ask you to respect yourself, your surrounding environment and don't be a total moron by destroying it and causing useless pain to another just because you are too lazy, too greedy or what ever motives you to act as you do.

Religion forces Nice ppl to do unkind things and also makes ppl say stupid things" - 1) can I have a concrete example ? 'cause in the bible that I read - especially in the sequel, the new kid on the block says : be kind one to another! (it was technically established in the first saga but obviously the readers didn't get that part "love thy neighbor as you love your brother" and maybe if you brother is literally a psychopath and you're not too fond of him because he raped your cat and ate your mother in front of you - that doesn't necessary means that your neighbor is as bad or worse. So yeah - the sequel tried to reinforce this message of mutual respect and love but it got lost in translation.

As for the circumcision part - my dear sir - yet again - have you ever heard of Female Circumcision in Somalia and some Arabic African countries ? 'cause it's just slightly worse. The Jewish tradition deprives men of a bit of extra skin around the penis for either cleanness issues (I don't think men washed all that often back then and as thoroughly as today so better avoid extra skin that can welcome all sorts of happy bacteria and germs and all that jazz) ~ while the female excision (which is absolutely NO where mentioned neither int he bible nor the Qua ran is a procedure where young females (age 5-10 usually) are not even anesthetized (held by force by their relatives) while an old woman from the village cuts their clitoris off with a rusty blade at best, cuts the smaller lips and sews the big ones so tight that peeing is a fucking painful activity that can take up to hours to empty the bladder. And those women are then married and have sex (which in terms of genitalia size is equal to  newborn size) and then give birth (the sewn up stuff is barely removed or opened to facilitate birthing) and as quickly it is re-sewn together because oh my god - a female that encounters sexual pleasure is the work of the devil and is dirty dirty dirty! So please! Do NOT confuse social behavior from 5000+ years ago with God's will. Men wrote the bible to excuse every friggin' social act they deemed right BACK THEN. Like slavery and family arranged marriages.

And I disagree yet again. Intelligent people with a social care for one another can be total atheists and make good around them. Like Bill Gates - was born protestant - he is now Agnostic : he doesn't believe in ANY sort of god and he donates millions to charities and stuff. He didn't like his parent's religious choices - he freed himself from EVERYTHING and is still a good man, with critical thinking doing the right stuff.

If i may add in a tiny little detail that i recalled this morning. He uses the word religion but basically limits it to the Judeo-Christian religion.

But way back then - the Mayas practiced human sacrifices to appease their gods. Other great nations sacrificed children and other people to keep population number in check to be assured to be able to feed everyone. Greeks and Egyptians went to war protected and encouraged by their gods.

Those were religions too back in the day.

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Sunday, January 05, 2014

Him and Him

Tom Hiddleston
Kim JongHyun
I wanted a single t-shirt
I got 4 t shirts (2 blue, 1 sketchers he designed) + 2 caps
I wanted a ring
I got 2 rings (1 with this name, 1 with his band)
Felt awful to share his pics on my FB wall
Feels the most natural thing to overload my wall
Inspired me to change – become someone else
Inspired me to better myself but stay who I am
Took for ever to kiss him and it was insipid, empty and m’eh
Stalked me in a dream and kissed me since day 1 – as if belonged to him (repeated it a couple times)
Inspired me a porn story
Inspires me 2 decent full lenght stories and a truckload of mini adventure stories
Inspired me movie posters with my puffy characters
Inspired me the craft of a bracelet to his image
Could never sink in his culture (I just can’t cope with the British)
Inspired me to learn Korean, eat Korean, watch k-dramas and Korean movies
Made and lost friends pretty quick once out of the fandom
Made friends all over the world – still have them
My heart and my mind were in denial most of the time
My heart and my mind never disagreed
Abused the terminology of love
 Haven’t spoken it enough but sometimes not saying excessively I love you is worth more
Dreams were interesting but I kept running away
I can’t escape him – he usually finds me
Chi was a wreck most of the time
Chi is as the bottom of a millennial old pond
I didn’t click with his mom’s vibe
Love his mom!
I felt out of place
I feel at home
Said something to help me out of my depression
Constantly makes me happy and appreciate life
He was a rogue wave that wrecked my ship and sank it
He is a rising sun on a peaceful lake, rising the fog