Sunday, August 15, 2010

I guess I'll never be ready

Today, for some odd reason and just for the kicks, I created myself a profile over plenty of fish . com - a dating site. I came to know of it's existence through a coworker's who's sister is on the site.

I guess I created a profile for the kicks but only 2 hours after I feel like deleting it.

Maybe I am simply not ready and never will be ready to face a real relationship.

I been falling in love with virtual men since I'm 8. The few real man I loved with the same burning passion either didn't love me back or the ones who did, I didn't love them back so - let's face it. It wasn't meant to be happening for me. Not in this lifetime.

And - it has been actually comforting to love an idea ghost. Sabik beat the record of all my men put together ! Where most lovers lasted max 6 months, he lasted 2 years !

And now, Henri is sort of ... occupying the throne of my heart. Which doesn't leave an empty spot for any other ... beau.

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