Thursday, January 31, 2013

dream of january the 30th - morning 31st 2013

Dream of january the 30th 2013

1 –

2 – Pictures of Tom wearing a black winter coat but Canadian Olympic winter themed – it had the maple leaf logo with the 5 rings. He was still in Africa though and on one photo he had his hair cut and styled in many … thicker spikes like I seen some Black-American men who have braided hair – except Tom’s was too short to be braided so he only had the separation into those patches and the pointy ends – he was both adorable and amusing with that style.

Dream of January 31st morning 2013

3 – I was in that small classroom where I first met Bill Hazledine, we were getting ready to leave, class was over and we were leaving for the week end or Christmas vacations. I remember Cindy from college was near me and two or three other college girl friends. I was packing away, telling about my plans going to the mountain if it snowed, it would be even more interesting. Cindy had dropped her red mitts (Canadian winter Olympic game ones so I bent down to fetch them for her). Our teacher was a gorgeous young man in his early 30’s, short black hair, pale skin, sea blue eyes, tall and lean. He was half sorting and putting away his class notes and half observing us and listening to our conversation. I turned around and shared my plans, almost inviting him to join me, if he had no plans for that day.

We ended up in my kitchen, my mom and sister were there too. I had to go to the bathroom, so I went but as I closed the door, a small police car the size of a really miniature toy sneaked through the space between the door and the floor and started flying and buzzing around the towels on the wall in front of me as a mosquito who wanted my attention. I smiled, amused, knowing it was my teacher’s trick. He was in the kitchen with me earlier on and he must have followed me without me noticing. I opened the door and there he was, on his knees in the small corridor, playing with a small police car which he pushed and pulled back to release it, and the car would go fast on it’s own, forward towards me. I smiled even more amused, maybe even chuckled or giggled at it. He looked at me, his smile was so bright and happy. He got up and told me he had another one if I wanted to play with him. The other one was an ambulance truck. He gave me the police car and I examined it. There were numbers on the top (memo written on my twitter this morning so as to not forget it – 236-9 I think… ) there were 2 more digits but I don’t remember them. Next, on the roof of the car was the yellow plastic bumped molded figure of a shorter older police officer standing on a small chair to reach his younger taller colleague and the oldest held a bat or a club to bit the younger – in a comical way but, I didn’t agree with it.

My teacher said something and I think it was an invitation to the mountain or accepting my invitation, but it had a sense of us being together after and I imagined super fast how it would end; us making love and as soon as that idea hit me, my mind was racing to cancel or get out of the possibility. I was already in love with another man and I couldn’t think of cheating on him. I knew the other man was Tom.

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