Saturday, February 09, 2013

Show Me Your Tattoo!

"see ya laterz alligators ;)"

11:48am"super cute moment at the Carleton at cGill. I picked up a box of Winx stickers for my niece and this little 5 year old girl who had picked the same, came to me to exchange it with mine. So we traded and she followed me around to see in what else I was interested."
11:52am "H minus 40 minutes. I am at Monk metro station."
 11:56am "There it is. Just in front of me. Now, to kill some time...."
(I actually walked a bit down that road where the tattoo shop is located, found a park and walked around, took some photos)  
12:19pm "in the shop! this is actually much more exciting than I expected!"
12:26pm "and voila! it's printed! soon I will be stepping in the room and get it done!"
12:28pm "of course I am the only female around! Bao, Jeff, a blond viking tattooing an Afro American, and a young blond man sitting on the couch next to me. Funny how I feel just perfectly safe and okay!"
12:32pm "The Afro-American guy's girlfriend came in with lunch. And maybe hold his hand. The Blond Viking has started the machine. My own heart is pounding with excitement. And there goes an older tattoo artist and the couch neighbour."
 12:48pm "and there goes my heart, going mucho loco in my chest. Please chill the fuck down Harry! and OOOHMG! I am about to! in the room!"
(I started typing this before Jeff came to call me in the third room where he would install me)
  This was the applied outline he did based on the .png files I had brought with me on an usb key. It felt sort of warm and fuzzy when he applied the sticker like sheet and pulled it off very slow and soft!

Mirror shot.Yeah I know, I need to loose the fat.
12:54pm"laying on thje"
That was over excitement and it should have been ... the sort of doctor's or dentist like chair they have where ppl lay or sit depending on the location of the tattoo
1:01pm "getting ready"
1:02pm "touchdow"
First time Jeff pressed the needle thing against my skin and started the first bit of line!
  1:04pm "doesn't hurt at all"
Seriously I wondering when it would become unbearable, excruciating and ... "painful" ...
Original comment from Facebook when I uploaded this one
Jeff gone for a 5 minute break. Name and flower outline done. It doesn't hurt at all! Some spots are maybe more sensitive than others but, not painful in the definition of the term. And it's not done like in one huge gritting seance! The lines are done a cm or so at the time and Jeff varies the location after a counted number of streaks to give me and my body a rest. I really appreciate that!

 We Had a break right here, after the outline. I went to the toilet (oh and yeah, the first thing I asked before I would get in the room, was the directions to the nearest available washroom. I went already, but you know - the excitement! And it's blunt honest truth! When I am nervous or excited, my bladder works extra fucking hard and fast and I need to debrief it... regularly.
1:51pm "and back for the color filling. 
Original comment from Facebook when I uploaded this one:  
Name colored! Again, some spots like the am from William were a bit more stinging since it's at the last rib bone's end or on it, but the rest was borderline ticklish! I really don't see what the fuck the fuss is about pain! I was literally napping!!

All done!! 
 Original comment from Facebook when I uploaded this one:
Complaining more about sore shoulder that tat!

In fact, I had my 2 hands behind my neck and head to keep my arm out of Jeff's way so he could work at ease and all and my left shoulder was more painful than the sting of the tattoo! I was so grateful when he called in for a break before he did the yellow! 

Before we went for a third break (and me again for the toilet), the Blond Viking tattoo artist looked through the window - the three rooms have 1/3rd of a wall in between them, and a sort of a window but the far right hand side is all merged together, even if they have 3 doors - and looked impressed at Jeff's work and me casually half sleeping there! He asked about the colors - reds and oranges and Jeff replying "ca s'en vient!" Okay I admit, at this point, I was sort of excited to hear that because the sting on the far left side was wearing my endurance out lol. The middle section and right section it was almost pleasurable if I can say it without sounding pervert or anything, but the far left - shish! At some random points near the very end, my body was sort of instinctively tensing like I would at the dentist. But overall - it was repeatedly said that I was tough! *beams* 

I seriously loved the most the upper right and middle! I swear that section was ticklish! And in the beginning, I think that Jeff smeared some bits of Vaseline when he did the outline because I felt cold cream (and I saw him open his Vaseline jar when he was getting ready) before I felt the vibrating of the inking tool / needle.

4:09pm "Out and Tattooed!! was foken awesome! Jeff thinks I'm tough! woot woot! oh yeah baby! There not a thing in  life I can't handle! Excep Tom and what he inspires me but that is another story!"
4:09pm "Out and Tattooed!! was foken awesome! Jeff thinks I'm tough! woot woot! oh yeah baby! There not a thing in life I can't handle! Except Tom and what he inspires me but that is another story!"
Sunday, February 10th 2013

11:43am "Funny! the random person who posted a good comment about Burning Monk Tattoo shop -- her name is Chocolatine on that forum where I found the shop and we all know Tom loves chocolate! this is meant to have happened the way it did! All the friggin' puzzle pieces fit so well in each other it's ... wow. seriously just wow."
1:37pm "Oh! there's my answer! It's Sid!  yesterday while being inked, I was running random movie lines in my head. (Mostly Ice Age and Madagascar Franchises and I was hearing this "HoooolyCraaap! -- especially when Jeff was inking the far left side (the lily's petal's edge) and it sting more than the other bits and I was hearing this in my mind and I couldn't for the life of me remember from where I had heard it!     Just got the answer now! Sid the sloth from Ice Age 4 Continental Drift and it's Holy Crab! when the 3 of them are on a piece of ice drifting in a wild sea storm and a crab visits them, unannounced."

Shot with my camera (Canon Rebel T3i right after it was done - fresh ink and all!

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