Sunday, January 05, 2014

Him and Him

Tom Hiddleston
Kim JongHyun
I wanted a single t-shirt
I got 4 t shirts (2 blue, 1 sketchers he designed) + 2 caps
I wanted a ring
I got 2 rings (1 with this name, 1 with his band)
Felt awful to share his pics on my FB wall
Feels the most natural thing to overload my wall
Inspired me to change – become someone else
Inspired me to better myself but stay who I am
Took for ever to kiss him and it was insipid, empty and m’eh
Stalked me in a dream and kissed me since day 1 – as if belonged to him (repeated it a couple times)
Inspired me a porn story
Inspires me 2 decent full lenght stories and a truckload of mini adventure stories
Inspired me movie posters with my puffy characters
Inspired me the craft of a bracelet to his image
Could never sink in his culture (I just can’t cope with the British)
Inspired me to learn Korean, eat Korean, watch k-dramas and Korean movies
Made and lost friends pretty quick once out of the fandom
Made friends all over the world – still have them
My heart and my mind were in denial most of the time
My heart and my mind never disagreed
Abused the terminology of love
 Haven’t spoken it enough but sometimes not saying excessively I love you is worth more
Dreams were interesting but I kept running away
I can’t escape him – he usually finds me
Chi was a wreck most of the time
Chi is as the bottom of a millennial old pond
I didn’t click with his mom’s vibe
Love his mom!
I felt out of place
I feel at home
Said something to help me out of my depression
Constantly makes me happy and appreciate life
He was a rogue wave that wrecked my ship and sank it
He is a rising sun on a peaceful lake, rising the fog

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