Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The 50D is at my reach !

I simply cannot believe it ! The Canon 50D is finally at my reach ! And that sole factor makes me thrilled happy and incredibly positive about life.

The whole process started last Friday morning (the 25th September 2009) when Isabelle B. from Plexo called me about my application for a job as medical archivist at the clinic. That break through was, and is, most welcomed. She first asked me some questions about myself, the course, if I had the diploma (yes I do), what I know about the company (what I read on their website), if I would be available for an interview - hellyeah I was ! Date was set for Tuesday the 29th September 2009 at 10 am.

And suddenly, the possibility of a work, with a stable revenue meant I could finally get my hands on a professional Canon camera - which was my dream ever since I discovered Canon back in early 2000's. A random memory I just had while writing this, it's like when I was at a friend's house going through an electronic shop catalog and when I hit the Sandisk logo and name, I just fell in love with it and now I know why ! 9 years later, with the purchase of a Sandisk Sansa Fuse MP3 player, I know why I love the Sandisk brand. Same thing with Canon. There is something about it. And earlier this year, I discovered that the word Canon is the American-ized version of the Japanese goddess Kwanon - and I am a fan and enthusiast of Japanese religion and mythology. 1+1=2 ;)

So back to our sheeps. Stable revenue meant I could get my Canon camera ! So I went on BestBuy's website and I must have searched for it, but I got results ! Canon 50D !

So here are currently my options :

1 - a) the Canon EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS Lens for $359.99

paired up with option

1 - b)
The Canon EOS 50D 15.1MP Digital SLR Camera - Body Only

or option

2) The Canon 50D with a lesser good, basic lens for about the same price as the 2 together combined - with a difference of 120$

And so - all week end - I dreamed, I visioned, I imagined myself holding that camera, rotating that lens to make the picture clear, zooming in, zooming out - capturing the beauty of nature, macro shots - the way I always dreamed I would and could.

That dream, those visions haunted me all day Morning, even changed out the "bed time story" (based off a dream I had last week or during the week end to fit in the camera) and dreamed about it all today too (Tuesday). I just soo freakin' want that camera it's unreal !

The counter part of that is, if I don't get the job - *I cross my fingers and knock on wood so that it won't happen - that I WILL get the job* - is that I will lose my hope and faith in life, I'll probably get back into my uncaring depressive mood and just simply continue to not give a fuck about anything outside my art and my already taken photos. [ And secretly still keep dreaming and wishing for that cam to become mine. ]

Today - Monday the 29th September 2009 - I did attend the job interview, it went pretty fine, I felt comfortable, and there was a nice chemistry between the two interviewers and myself and I really hope and pray from the bottom of my heart that I will get that job - I need that job ! The team itself looks like a nice bunch of folks to work around (a Russian, a Romanian, a Moroccan to quote these, plus the students who work part time) and the company/clinic itself looks the perfect place for me !

She has to call me back either later this week or at the latest, early next week. Mostly the time that my personal information as to criminal records gets verified by a certain agency by the name of Garda. It's the new procedure for all new employees, either at hire spot or at agencies.

If I get the job, I'm buying that lens first thing ! Than wait to get the necessary funds to buy the body itself :D

*continues praying*

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