Thursday, September 17, 2009

The pornographic cancer is invading and no one cares

It started some time around last year I believe when a photographic shot of a very wett female's ass got a daily deviation -which on the site is the most prestiged and valued event that could happen to anyone - and even more so considering that a daily deviation, short called DD, gives more attention and watchers to the one being featured, because for one whole day, that person's selected piece is seen by about the 17 millions of users registered on the site.

Now what bothers me is that over the time, and over the many variations of the site's system - the many changes allowed by the site's configuration - allowed for more and more shots of female asses, vagina and such to be considered as art.

Even though the site has a policy quoted two times in the Terms of Agreement and the Etiquette policy, both clearly depicting the fact that uploading porn is considered as an offence punishable by removal of the said piece.

Sadly - pieces such as a female's ass hole is not considered as porn. Nor is a vagina, spread legs showing a wet vagina, or a wet ass just out of the pool or the bath. Women posing in poses as to reveal and put the accent on their genitalia are encouraged by massive hits of over several thousands of views per day or even inside a few hours !

Moreover, since subscription is free, anyone can create an account and go support those deviations, by commenting in favor and favouriting those pieces. Basically, instead of paying a porn site a 5$ a month or what ever the fees are, they just come to deviant art for the same reasons, BUT because it's deviant art - a gathering community for "artists" - they get the free porn ! And ppl are fool enough to either ignore the problem and let it propragate even further, or leave a comment but then the defenders of such pieces come back on the double with arguments saying that the first denouncer is not knowing anything to art, the female body is beautiful (this excuses the macro shot of a shaved vagina) and that anyone going against such pictures is just a close minded person who doesn't know what art is !

I tried to prove my point several times, and each time I was either pointed as being a pervert because I showed a link to the same exact content (a female vagina) found on a pornographi site, or that I have too much time to waste (incredible fact, knowing that I found those inside of Less than 10 seconds on google !) and on and on and on ! So people who actually try to defend the site and keep it clean from useless and repetetive junk get to be treated as the worst people on the site !

I personally find this issue incredibly frustrating and beyond words inadmissible from a so called community for artists ! Would a healthy individual let a cancer eat that person away ? Logically speaking, the answer is no. So why does this place let the sort of crap that it currently allows - Even against it's own policies - be considered normal ?

Lastly - I wonder if even knows the significance of the word "pornography" because all the dictionaries online do give about the same signification and those significations clearly depict the content of some of the devations submitted on the site under "artistic nude" or "fetish portraits" (because, ladies and gentlemen, the ass hole - aka - the end of the digestive tract by where the fecal matter travels) is considered "artistic" or beautiful or admissible as NON pornographic. I have personally reported such a deviation to the help desk and it came back and I quote the answer

" Your Prohibited Content Violation Report on Bang a Gong was reviewed by a member of the staff and action was taken, marking the report as Invalid.

Additionally, the following comment was provided:

A reviewing member of staff has reviewed this report and has determined that no action is necessary as this deviation does not meet the current definition for pornography.

Please click here for more information.

This message was generated automatically.

-- deviantART Staff "

here is a print screen of the said deviation -

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