Saturday, May 01, 2010

Avatar the movie - epic fail

My dad bought the dvd so I am watching it.

1 - the american machismo is epic fail ! It's not by representing the marines as a bunch of heartless on steroids pushed by national ego and pride that the rest of the world will see them any better than a bunch of ruthless morons who'll take what ever they want no matter the ways.

2 - the pink flowers that Jake sees on his first day in the jungle ... if they saw BBC's Seas of LIfe - they wouldn't be so high and mighty about ... plants and stuff

3 - the landscapes being ouh lala : have they seen Lord of the Rings and Jurassic Parc saga ?

4 - the illuminated plants at night : have they seen The Last Rainforest ?

5 - And wow - the female blue cat speaks English. How convenient ! This is clearly a pure egoistical standpoint of vue, but when I daydreaming of White Darkness ( © me ) I do not speak Ancient Latin, and nor does Sabik and Sammael speak modern English or French to be convenient with me ! When I was in my Japanese moment, I didn't conveniently spoke Japanese and even if Kamenashi for the sake of the story spoke English, chose NOT TO, to make it more the experience of living in a foreign world. Are we that afraid that we cannot assume the differences where outside of our lil comfort zone ??

6 - illuminated path of moss as they walk : did you knew that there are fluorescent bacteria in the ocean waters which illuminate as you move if you are in the sea water at night ? and floating Medusa ... oh Christ, just go see a flippin' documentary about the seas and you'll see more than you ever wished for ! "pure spirits" ... yeah Medusa are pure too : they are brainless and yet they are among the most efficient killing machines down there.

7 - Ohh so there is a school to teach the locals English. Miracle it's not a religious based torture and rape seance tryin' to humanize the blue cats. Still - it's never explained HOW long it must have taken, how did the locals reacted when they first approached ? In Pocahantas at least, there is begining and an end. In this Avatar movie, it's Flat dive into it and accept it and be a happy moron.

8 - the tree of prayers and ancestors : again, pale imitation of Ferngully The Last Rainforest 3/4's end sequence.

9 - Oh yeah, that's it - fuck the enemy and than destroy their dreams and hopes ! Oh and yeah - total lack of communication ! No sense of knowing who is the local and who is your own damn rookie infiltrating them !

10 - the destruction of the forest and the ppl meeting in that tree of the ancestors : sooo Ferngully it's not even a funny copy paste.

11 - Grace (the woman chief scientist) swapping into the Na'vi Body : that is soo Ghost in the Shell spiritualized ! Two bodies - mind swapping. (not that I criticized the technological way of how the humans enter their avatars, but I have the same opinion about it. Ghost in the shell theory and fact applied to this movie. )

12 - Final conclusion : watch Ghost in the Shell : Innocence, to see real mind blowing visual technology.

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