Monday, June 28, 2010

June went by

And didn't wave bye.

I remember doing my work when C. asked me if I had two hours so she could show me the new tasks.

I remember my team leader asking me if I wanted to assume that job after C.'s leave on maternity leave. I remember I said yes with enthusiasm, ready to take a new challenge.

I remember as if it was yesterday and yet it was in the first week of June.

Juuuune where have you gone ?

I did one week under J.'s supervision, he's my next desk neighbour and Life Savior. Next week he was on vacation so I had this newly acquired work, with still a few questions, my previous tasks and even thought I mastered that week (monthly crap, around 2k in cash on Monday, many many checks during that week, and all deposits being done by me alone) like a pro but God was I relieved when J. came back !

There was an aspect of my new task I didn't quite understood and it had fallen a little behind, even though I tried to do it every day as much as I could to keep it updated.

So there I was today, with 10 wires left to do, with bank activity statements that we had received the money but no information from the Credit and Collection department - and there I was, feeling like Oliver Twist in front of a bureaucratic task. Not quite knowing what to do and my team leader asking me via email why they were not done.

Simply because my training was rushed - 4 days reduced to 4 hours, because work accumulated during the weeks and because doing the mail and the sales reports takes more time than anything else !

On one hand, my team leader asks me to prioritize the trade cheques - no problem. Than, log the received sales reports first - not a problem either, but with the quantity I receive on Mondays and Thursdays and when it comes late, please do not plan on chopping my head off - I am barely doing what I can in the time I have ! Than, my team leader's boss asks me how far back I am in the manifests (which were my primary task before mail, upon my arrival at this job). It seriously accumulated like crazy ! It had piled up to make a pile the size of a monthly cargo manifest basket (let's just say a freakin' load!) So I took some time on quiet Friday (past) to get rid of some of the manifests and keep up to date with that.

Monday morning I set my mind to finish all the wires for June - which I succeeded, except those famous 10 for which I needed the assistance of higher ups and I don't want to sound mean or anything, but the lady has this way of talking to me, or looking at me, making me feel like a complete idiot ! I know I am not a sales, finance accountant clerk, but if one person would simply clearly explain me the work - I can grasp the logic and do it properly ! Give me some credit, for Pete's sake ! But please do not expect me to read minds ! People drop papers on my desk and expect me to know instantly what do with it ! At the moment, I do 4 different tasks ! with each of them having main goals, sub goals, side goals and time limits ! So please bear with me !

And we are closing the month of June and June is over ! It felt like those promised 4 days reduced to 4 hours.

But I am ready for July ! Bring it on !

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