Monday, July 19, 2010

Those classics from my youth

My dad is re-tapping - recording on dvd - old movies he had recorded on VHS and among those are really old classics of my youth which I haven't yet seen on DVD, but beyond recuperating digital data, it's the memories, the "what forged me" my ideals and my fantasies that bring to this activity such a meaningful and unique vibe.

Pirates Island (1991) was a classic and a huge fave of mine! A bunch of kids have a planned trip aboard a hot aired balloon which turns bad and find themselves on an island where pirates rule the game ! It's fascinating to see that the pirates live in their own little society with rules, social classes and rules, and yet a plane and scream and go hide and go back to normal as if nothing was but they don't know of Australia - because it's not even on their maps !

This is a personal opinion, but if I would have to compare that movie - made back then, with today's mentality and style of directing... I find myself loving the old simple things a whole lot better. For instance, the adventure is about 3 boys and one girl. But oh - miracle - no sex allusions, no bad jokes, no wet tee-shirts to show off boobs - only the guys get to show off their mid-teen bodies (especially the hero, Tony (played by Les Hill) who was the local hottie, sexy bad boy and yet know it all ! He even kids around that let's see if what they teach kids in school can actually be useful and save their lives ! Back then, a sexy hot looking know it all bad boy was credible and was acceptable, was a standard, or an ideal even ! No wonder I fell head over heals for Andrew later on ;) university graduate and rocker.

Back then, the girl could be intelligent, cool and not be the local rape material. She could be in danger - as much as the boys, get out, be intelligent, cute, clever. All in one, like a real individual and not only a joke or an exageration of a stereotypical social image.

I miss how things were simple, magic and how scenarios had everything i takes to make a good movie, even if it's a youth movie for the TV audience. No fake - no making too much outta a simple thing.

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