Friday, September 10, 2010

And I am doubting again

and I epic fail at ... considering ...

I mean it felt so fucking weird to have a real man sitting at my table meeting my parents ! it's not me ! it's not who I am.

I always saw myself as those 40-50 year old single men, lonesome wolf type of, "le célibataire endurci" from the 80's movies - the tough guys, either divorced or never married. That was MY life path all traced for me ! Apartment, job, life, best friend.

Apartment. My Current Job. My Little Brother.

and my photography hobby. No need for a partner, a relationship or that kinda thing.

I think I tried - but I just proved to myself that I am NOT made for that type of life.

I don't see myself ... getting married and having kids. At least not with the current one.

I want Henri. So desperately want him.

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