Monday, December 03, 2012

Having Fun with Loki

Started off on Facebook because of :

ladies i like to be tied and other things >:) tell me what do you do to me ???

  • Emilia Tokes how about i get rid of those pesky chains and you capture me with magic tricks and old poetry over tea ?
    Our God Of Mischief vs Our Prince Charming (Tom Hiddleston) *gets rid of the handcuffs* aahahha im free now im goin to attack ladies, tell me darlings how do you prefer too be attacked???? >:)
    Emilia Tokes Improvisation is an open door for excessive fun.
    Our God Of Mischief vs Our Prince Charming (Tom Hiddleston) ahahha, should i bite ears and necks first?
    Emilia Tokes You can start with who ever - I don't intend of moving from my spot - take your time.
    Our God Of Mischief vs Our Prince Charming (Tom Hiddleston) *start to bites ears necks* this is gonna be good 
    Emilia Tokes well the evening is still very very young so, indeed, it will
    Our God Of Mischief vs Our Prince Charming (Tom Hiddleston) *start to kissing your lips, take of your shirt slowly, then take your bra with my teeth, make you a hickey on the neck, take off your jeans slowly while i kiss you,take of gently your socks, and then take of your little red lingerie panties with my teeth, i will keep them in my pocket >:) , i will tie your arms with black silk scarfs, and i will run your body piece by piece, curve by curve, until i get the center of your legs and possess your flower, your sweet flower with my mouth,and watch you have convulsions, hearing you moaning for more,feel your hot breath as i reach down there with my butter fingers and reaching to multiple orgasms until you faint, and then watch you sleep like a beauty, breathing slowly.*
    Emilia Tokes I like your plan for the evening! at the ... slight exception that I never wear lingerie, especially not bras ;) I don't like superficial crap between the external cover up and the honest truth underneath ^_^ the rest is accurate - might throw in a few passionately appreciative comments - all depending on the inspiration of the moment of course
    Our God Of Mischief vs Our Prince Charming (Tom Hiddleston) hmmm i see darling >:) *hands in hips* you tell me what do you do to me right here right now, uncensored, please don't be afraid to write what you think >:)
    Emilia Tokes since you are asking so nicely.

    I would start by shoving my tongue in your mouth and kiss you like a drunk sailor for as long as I can hold it, while a hand will stragetically go down south and sneak behind enemy lines. You still have your pants - wh
    ich is completely unfair, considering I am butt naked sitting on your lap. That will be taken care of. But everything in due time eh ;) So then, when I'll be out of breath and bored with your mouth, I will go down to your neck and tour it with a wet tongue, appreciating the soft and yet coarseness of your men skin, pushing my tongue in your neck's pit as if it was a woman's secrete garden. This small distraction should keep you from focusing too hard on the spy hand which has by now reached the primary target. You might - as you are surprised - tense up a slight but and grab something of mine as a first instinct. Accepting the fact that you are aware, I will then lower my lips and taste your manly breasts, rolling my tongue around your nipples, nibbling, sucking and wetting them. The hand, by now, is completely in your pants, pinching and rubbing and stroking your manhood.
    Our God Of Mischief vs Our Prince Charming (Tom Hiddleston) mmh i like it :) i mean i loved it you know how to treat a man ;)

    • Emilia Tokes yay! you're still alive :D *relief* and reasonably not traumatized - always good! happy you like my style ;)

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