Monday, December 17, 2012

So Tom - tell me about your private DVD collection!

  1. Hey guys answer how your day was in a comment I wanna know! Anywhoo I hope you enjoy the story!:)

    Tom was right. As soon as you grab the newspaper the next morning, you see YOUR face plastered on it. "Who's the mystery girl, Tom?" the caption reads. You sigh.
    "Was I right?" Tom asks as he walks into the kitchen.
    "Yep. Now everyone in London is going to know my face."
    "Oh maybe not everyone. Just

    99.9 percent." he teases.
    You smile and go to the fridge.
    "Please tell me you have waffles." you say. "Yes!!" you exclaim when you find a box.
    "I had strawberries and bananas of you want to put some on top."
    "Yumm. Wait, British people eat that?"
    Tom throws his head back and laughs loudly.
    "Well I'm sorry! It's been a long week for me!" you protest.
    "Oh that made my day!"
    "Tom! Oh Tom!" someone calls. You hear the door open to the penthouse.
    "Great." Tom sighs.
    You take a double take when you see what walks trough the doorway into the kitchen. Before you stands a women dressed in pink and with pink and blue highlights in her brown hair.
    "Oh hello." she says. "You must be the mystery girl."
    "Brilla meet y/n."
    "Hi." you say awkwardly. Brilla? You think to yourself.
    "Hello." she says coldly. Then she looks to Tom. "Did you forget about the photo shoot?"
    "That's today?!"
    "Yes, that's today. As in twenty minutes today."
    Tom looks at you. "I'm sorry. I completely forgot."
    "It's cool. I can call a cab and go back to my hotel."
    "No I don't want you going back there. You can stay here until one when I get back."
    "Yes mother." you say teasingly.
    "Five minutes, Tom." Brilla says.
    "Okay I'll be right down." He looks at you as soon as she leaves. "I'm sorry. I completely forgot."
    "Oh stop it. It's fine. I'm a big girl now."
    "Okay. You're welcome to anything. I have a credit card on my desk so go ahead and order take out of you want."
    You smile. "You should go before Brilla gets mad."
    "Goodbye." before you see it coming, Tom kisses you lightly on the lips then leaves.
    "Oh my gosh....."

    Hope you like it! Don't forget, I wanna know bout your day -Lindsay:)
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