Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Just a nice dream

I had last week end (Saturday 23 to Sunday 24 or Sunday 24 in the early morning) and I couldn't share because - with somethings, I am just super egoistical. (Like when the South Korean warships came to Montreal - I am keeping those precious memories and impressions all to myself. I had originally planned a super huge blog and all but - screw it - they are my treasured moments only to me to savor when i feel the reality is too boring to bear)

so in this short and adorable little dream, it was the 3rd night in a row with JongHyun (after my monthlies ^^;) TaeMin and JongHyun were sitting on some 4-5 stepped stadium like stairs in front of a house or something. It was in the evening. TaeMin said to JongHyun "You know, she really loves you very much." (speaking of me ^^ <3 nbsp="" p="" taeminnie="" thank="" you="">
it was just interesting how another character (whom i feel JongHyun likes very much himself) has spoken to him about my own feelings.

the same happened in my Tom Hiddleston era where often the appearance of Chris Hemsworth would make me ... act upon something (aka; finally sending Tom his Christmas presents which at the last moment i felt like not doing.... even after all the time and work i had put into the creation of those posters for him)

so yeah -- Jongie, I do very much love you ;) and it's not about to fade away i can assure you!

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