Thursday, March 25, 2010

I do "impressive works"

It started at one of the breaks today, the lunch break or the second one in the afternoon. A colleague who replaces me during mybreaks asked me what I would be doing after this current contract at Xerox downtown Montreal office (receptionist contract of 2 weeks) and I said that I had nothing planned but it was a welcomed break because I planned on going to the mountain and take some beaver pictures - hoping that I would actually catch them !

She asked me if I took pictures and I said yes, giving her some of my links (flickr, jpg mag, picasa).

She came back about an hour later, maybe an hour and a half, and she was stunned.

"Did you took those pictures ? All of them ?" she asked
"Yeah..." I replied sort of surprised (of course - i wouldn't have taken stolen shots and claimed they were mine!)
"Some of them are uneblievable !" she continued

And so it seems I have two more fans ! Sonia and Jacques (who both at intervals replace me at the front desk reception during my breaks and lunch hours) are amazed by the pictures I can take !

Sonia was struck by the snails in Ireland and so we had a lil chit chat about my equipment (the 2 Canons ) and the very detail that no I had never followed courses before but yes I had applied to Dawson in photography and was hoping to get an answer eventually. (And I really fucking hope with every fiber of my soul and existence to be accepted !)

I let her know that my pictures on picasa were at a higher resolution and available to be downloaded as wallpapers - she was obviously impressed during the whole chat !

Even funnier detail, she lives in the same quarter as me - on the other side of the commonly shared Jarry park.

Isn't the world a little place, as the French expression says ;)

It also feels awesome - coming from someone that absolutely doesn't know me at all - to hear that that person actually likes and has a high esteem of my work ! It simply feels good to be recognized by an unbiased person. I tend to think - to fall in the trap of belief - that friends are biased and because they are friends they feel obliged to say nicer things or nice things just because. So once in a while - the opinion, expresed words of total strangers is the best thing to boost the confidence and the hopes ;)

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