Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Random Poems

I found these in my folder while putting some order in my texts folder - never shared so here they are -

Poem for Sammael

and though they say you are but a shadow in my heart
who are they to pretend to know the tides in my soul
who are they to prentend to know the waves of passion
which constantly bring you back to my shores ?

who are they to judge our affection
when in their souls love has died so long ago
who are they to critize our promises
when their words are empty and meaningless

they don't know the depths of our love
they don't imagine the pain I suffer
they don't hear the longing whisper of my sorrow
but their ignorant words fly like arrows.

Inspiré par un ciel orageux

Que mon coeur brûle dans le feu de l’enfer
Mon âme à jamais prisonnière
Ta presence, ton existence est mon dongeon

Dans le ciel – l’enfer connaitra ce soir sa gloire
Bouc conduisant fièrement sa troupe
À la guerre s’en va l’enfer.

À la guerre s’en va l’enfer ce soir
Une armée de chevaux de nuage et de colère
Le diable les mène au champ de bataille
Loups voraces, affamés, courent dans la nuit tombante
L’enfer sera victorieux ce soir

Nuages comme des massues
Abbatez votre grêle sur le petit peuple
Démons, de vos épées coupez et tuez
Les hommes de la terre supris

Incomplete love poem

Loneliness is a never ending winter
Sorrow is a cold and empty night
My heart is here, but yours will go
Your soul is here, but mine will go.

A tear is hanging on the tip of my finger

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