Saturday, March 20, 2010

Moxie Dolls

Well, I couldn't resist ! They are cute - they are adorable - they are nice - and they are ... a bit more budget accessible than a new BJD doll - even a small format one so ... and I was simply dyin' to get new models to play around with and pose and shoot and create stories with.

Avery model/sculpt (the cute blondie with blue eyes) has been officially re-named Sybi (as my little puffy girl character) and Sophina (whom I picked solely because she has brown eyes) - will take the role of Sybi's best friend (the Coffee Fairy) and has been re-named Cody.

I dunno yet what kind of stories I will make but I want them silly and humorous like our very literal humor on msn.

On with the piccies !




More Photos on my Flickr

Official Moxie Dolls website

Dolls of Color - a blog where I discovered these

I was actually watching television and saw the Liv dolls tv add and decided to google them and I came across this blog which showed me even better alternatives ! Moxie girls :D

I wish - and I hope it'll be the case in the future - sets of clothing and accessories will be sold seperately from the dolls ! It was actually hard to chose which model because of the clothes ! ^-^;; I actually ended up buying 2 Avery dolls (one with a chopper bike and 2 sets of clothes), this pink one and Sophina ! A possible combination would have been Avery and Sophina in a box but with a costume I didn't particularly loved and about as many dolls as costumes are shown on the official website under Products - Dolls section.

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