Monday, April 26, 2010

Analogies which make you realize

I had found one my fave childhood authors on facebook and so of course I invited him to be friends. Taken by surprise that he accepted and blessed that he shares a few long chats with me - he made me realize something !

In this current third reply of his - we are discussing how authors influenced us and how he sees the authors which influence him. He used the analogy of an internship - taking what is useful and moving on. I on the opposite, with my romantic nature, take each author for a temporary lover, to whom I give a bit of my time and passion in exchange for his dreams and stories.

But what fascinates me is the exceptions rule. He quoted a few names and I thought of my bunch. Tanith Lee, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Judith Kellman. All females. Which basically just bashes the theory of the lovers. I can love men, I can be their passionate lover but in the end, the ones who completely marked me as a late teen and adult were females. (While I cannot deny that the 3-4 who greatly influenced me to life in my prime childhood are all males. )

I guess I am bi to the core. Even in the choice of my authors.

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