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A concise reference of my Fictions

Year 2006

A chat With
Fiction about me meeting Andrew Eldritch - singer of The Sisters of Mercy

That night ... (first edition of "a chat with) 
Same as above - alternate version - 

 Andras De Lunsnoir
Introduction of my werewolf character. Fantasy, dark fairy tale, mystery, love, life. 

His Arrival
Original Character Andras. This is either a continuation or a prequel to Andras De Lunsnoir. 

Deamon in the morning - I ; Cofee won't save you
Original character,dreams, slightly erotic, fantasy,

Deamon in the morning - II ; Kisses in the kornfield 
Continuation to the link above

Night Spy - The day after the rescue 
Original Characters and story about a team of spies doing nightly missions / allusions to bisexuality

Night Spy - Debriefing
Second chapter to above link -

Night Spy - Getting Over the Damn Clothing
Third chapter to above links -

Further memo - Miss Taylor is actually a hermaphrodite - she is gifted with both female and male attributes - but that was not yet written. (I didn't have the courage back then to write that kind of intimate scene - even if i did fantasy about it a lot)

The Day I Became a Man
A female narrator tells her adventures as in a random turn of events, she woke up in a male body.

The Day I Became a Man - 2 
Following chapter of above link

I am currently rewriting this one, updating it. Should be posted on wattpad some time soon.

Year 2007 

I need to loose some time
A random fiction based on a world I created - White Darkness - The Master is this over all dark and kind lord who has taken me into his care.

Is basically the beginning of Sabik Mavourneen, a personal character and crush of mine. It is based on the Sabik Mecha Angel doll by DollSoom but in my mind he became his own individual. In this story, he plays the prostitute - gay magazines model. I am obviously the photographer. It is leading to eroticism, but it is not depicted.

Year 2008  

Gankutsuou YAOI fanfiction - I - Dance with me
Fan fiction of the animated series The Count of Monte Cristo as seen and revised by the Japanese team who made this masterpiece. Edmond Dantes, the Count of Monte Cristo, meets Albert, the son of his past love, Mercedes and falls in love with the boy. Gay romance.

I apologize for my crappy English of the past. I will re-write this, correct and update it ;)
Gankutsuou YAOI fanfiction - II - Kiss me
Gankutsuou YAOI fanfiction - III - Secrets in the dark 
Gankutsuou YAOI fanfiction - IV - Travel to Orient 
Gankutsuou YAOI fanfiction - V - White as Lilies, sweet as honey Gankutsuou YAOI fanfiction - VI - Hidden secrets revealed 

A New Queen Is
This was based on a dream - which is the beginning of the first chapter. In this bit the reader is introduced to the main characters and their basic stats
A New Queen Is 
Official first chapter of the story - we meet the queen
Harin's Travel
Second Chapter - we meet Harin and the 2 spies
Entering a New Kingdom
Harin and the 2 are travelling - secrets are shared
Finally Home
They are finally in the kingdom where most of the action takes place
Castle White
Harin meets Queen Aylie
So this is how...
First night Harin sleeps with Aramis - nothing happens though, but a kiss - they are not intimate yet
Private Meeting
The 2 spies describe their great concern to the queen and the dangerous threat it could cause
Something unthinkably blasphemous 
The threat exposed fully - concerns are arisen
Harin's New Family 
Ceremonials and official status being updated

Urgent Departure
Pretty much inspired by the illustrations shown at the bottom of the post - random fiction with Samael - my Captain character - mostly figh. This was the beginning of a fiction where the troups and I would create a love drug to get some easy pocket money outside of the mercenary contracts. Of course, Captain does not approve of us falling that low.Wolks are tall blue men (before Avatar and Frost Giants became popular for their skin colors, I had Wolks! ha !)

Random Fiction : Captain sends us to vacation The narrator is a detective in New York working on a fucked serial killer case.
Captain sends us to vacation - 2
Captain sends us to vacation - 3

I need to finish this one.  I know the plot and the outcome. I just need to finish writing it down.

Sabik Mavourneen - complete bio 
This was mostly for myself, with the earliest full details of my vision of him, his psychology, attitude


La mer
The first official story exclusively written for Sabik. It is in French though. We are both aboard the Poseidon, luxury boat; he is an electro musician and I am a camera woman - on a secret mission to film mermaids not knowing he is one himself.

A fiction starring Andras my werewolf as he retells his heart  breaking story with a Japanese student he had loved and who died in a bus accident. in French

Esclave du Plaisir
First finished short erotic novel. Homosexual oriented, with crude words and expressions. (Written when I was 17-19)

Fiction dedicated to my character Henri Morvan, a tortured soul who after the tragic death of his father at sea rebells against it, becomes a priest, but falls into the temptation of a young Vietnamese girl, feels guilty,comes back home to become an old sea wolf as he calls himself before he would meet the woman of his life with whom he finally finds stability and balance. French.

Related chapters
La scène de la bibliothèque
Ellie has convinced Henri to pose for her, in the library of the house

Chose Promise, Chose Due
In exchange of the photoshoot, Henri has asked the right to "use her as he wishes" which mislead to Ellie thinking he wanted to have sex with her, but he had just set up a cuddling night watching Gone With the Wind in Breton language. Henri uses his high school actor talents to fool Ellie and play a prank on her.

Le Facteur
Continuation of above.This is actually how I exteriorized my anger to a Real Life event. An old flame of the main female character shows up at her doorstep just as she is officially settled in her relationship with Henri and it causes a great turmoil in her heart and mind.

Deputy Russel Clark
I had a mild crush on actor Joe Anderson in his role of Deputy Russel Clark from The Crazies, but I could never fully live out my attraction to him, because of his unspoken immaturity or lack of adult manhood ... this was sort of an alternate version of the movie/story

A Trip To Hell And Back
Real account of my hell trip vacation back to my hometown village in the summer of 2011

Le baiser du regard
French short story about a random kiss in the metro between the narrator and a goth boy - how ppl avoid contact, not looking each other in the eye, and he goes as far as that intimate act of getting closer to someone.

A Night With the Most Wanted Man
Fan fiction starring Tom Hiddleston and a female narrator. Erotic, poetic. First Act.

Guess Who
Second Act of the story linked above. Erotic and poetic

About the Harmony of Pain
Fan fiction starring Loki - the god of mischief and a female narrator. Erotic, gore, dark.

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