Monday, August 06, 2012

Charming randomness of a Monday Morning

It started off on Deviant art - as I answered to a poll from a friend - ikaax - about deviant art releasing a second full day where all members can enjoy the premium privileges and one of his 3 choices was : There is a God and he loves you. Obviously I picked that one.

(print screen not available, my dearie took his poll off)

Then I went to twitter to check out the latest tweets - and the Stiff Hiliengertz (I'm dead sure I spelled that wrong) posted something refering to their facebook - which post I couldn't access because I am not yet liking them. I wouldn't have expected Monks to have a twitter and even less a facebook so i follow them only since last night and this morning.

So, I go to facebook, in order to look them up to Like them and guess what ?

First and top of my page - a photo of dear beloved Tommy boy! 

(This is the post the  Monks put on their twitter and which I wanted to see)

My first reaction is to comment on it - with honest truth : I came to find monks and I find Tom. Thank you!

I went to shower and re-thought this whole train of events and I giggled to myself! Yesterday I sort of made peace with Henri, Sam and Rey and I just bursted out loud at the Angelic sense of humor!

There is a God and He Loves you - go seek your passion (the monks) and you'll get what you run away from with all your strength. (Running away : avoiding Tumblr and youtube (since I don't google him up and I have more fans on twitter than the ma himself so, no danger there)

Yesterday, I was listening to Gregorian - The Masters of Chant and this one song - The Gift gave me such shivers and goosebumps! The lyrics went straight into my heart like fucking spears and arrows! To the outside world it's just a song, but to me, in knowledge of my Angels' ways of talking to me - this was totally a slap from them. And after I made peace in my heart with them, I felt so liberated and light! I can love humans and still do my work and follow their lead.

And this morning - they wake me up with breakfast in bed!

Looove You Guys !! so friggin much!

(And I was just chatting with my friend Stephen, relating the events and :

Steph :
teheheh its a sign lol   tu sais ce qui disent, les voies du seigneur sont impénétrables lol
It's a sign lol you know what they say, the ways of the lord are impenetrable lol
Emilia Tokes says
et j,adore son humour :D
And i love his humor
c'est comme moi qui check vla 1 mois pour planifier ce voyage sur google map pis je trouve eurien
It's like me who was looking to plan vacations last month, this same trip on google map and I find aanoothing

pis là, on dirait toute est placé sur ma route pis je trouve tout en 3 jours lol
and now, it's like everything is laid out on my path and I find everything in 3 days lol

Gotta love the guys up there ! I sure do ! And even today everything is placing in a ncie smooth motion : I have time to shower, go out get pu erh tea and meet my friend Adriana ! It's basically 2 metro stations away!

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