Monday, August 06, 2012

Again a few random thoughts - or - All the Reasons Why

I wanted to write this blog last week but, I needed more time to gather thoughts and acknowledge some little details.

I think I needed a little... jump start, so as to excuse myself fro randomly listing facts. It came today on Facebook.

"Hiddles Goddesses
ok girls i have something to say... i've seen that many fans of Tom just like him for his Loki role... i respect that but i think that this way to think on an artist is basic and poor and also kinda disrespectful... an artist is more that just one role and deserve to be note and seen for all the effort that he done as an artist! Tom really has talent in many things like dance for example! so let's consideer to see beyond that beautiful face and the good role Loki because he has more to offer than that! -fio-"
With my personal answer being :
Emilia Tokes I recently found myself wondering if in fact loved him as an actor or a man with an incredible voice! For me, Loki - looking like an adult result of a childhood first love - is just the entry door to discover that in fact, a real living man can inspire me things that no other could before and which I tought were missing in me, like a missing dll in a running OS of a computer. lol I admire him for that too, on a very personal level. And of course - I admire him for all that he did - when i gather small info like his Double Major at Cambridge, or the fact that he did tv shows and other things instead of partying as a uni student. I find those small bits endearing.
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And I shall continue here. 
I wanted to title this - All The Reasons I have to Love Tom, but, tonight this feels ... out of context. And maybe I should just keep them for myself. After all - they are my reasons and to quote Loki through my fiction - Tom did not only breach my defensive wall - he fucking nuked it to Hiroshima level dust! And that is good enough to appreciate him.

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