Monday, August 06, 2012

A few stats for myself

Collected stats from my written fictions with Tom and Loki on all platforms where they were published

There are 2 main stories in various chapters

The fiction titled "A Night With The Most Wanted Man" was actually what should have been the second story, since the first one "About the Harmon of Pain" is quoted in the previous title. (It's a fiction inside a fiction.)

The reason why this shuffling happened is because the original draft of About the Harmony of Pain didn't please me enough - it was simply too much of an amateur's work, with too many things copied, rather than inspired from the source.

Original location was set up in New Mexico, just like in the movie Thor, but I thought it wouldn't fit Loki's character, being a Frost Giant and I really wanted to work on the "monster" aspect, the all together physical, geographical and spiritual isolation of both characters. At night, before I would fall asleep, I kept having this random imagery of me walking in a thick snow at night - which is basically my White Darkness fantasy world which I run in my head since so long I don't know when I started it - and then, out of the blue, from behind a tree, Loki comes out of the shadow and each night the scenario would change. It took me a few days but I figured out that, Brønnøysund in Norway would be a much more fit location to the story, though it's not clearly mentioned in the text, I used google map to describe the region.

Also, the fact that the narrator lived in the same mobile home setting as Jane, from Thor, disturbed me in the sense that - oh look - one more same element taken from the movie. Added to Loki's fall to about the same drop point as Thor, I just couldn't take it. To me it would have been cheap and low thievery. Nothing original there, even if the fiction's purpose was set on Loki's hurt feelings and self questioning, it's not enough of a reason to go that low.

So now - the compiled data - as of August 6th 2012

A Night With the Most Wanted Man - I

Introduction part / PG- G
Comments: 90
Favourites: 54
Views: 739 (4 today)
Downloads: 3 (0 today)
Wattpad : Not available in this format
Blogger : Not available in this format 

A Night With the Most Wanted Man (full text) PDF

Full text / Mature
Comments: 216
Favourites: 44
Views: 1,098 (7 today)
Downloads: 43 (0 today)
Wattpad : 153 reads
Blogger : 20 reads

Guess Who ? Part 1 (sequel to A N W T M W M)

Introduction / PG-G
Comments: 41
Favourites: 32
Views: 509 (3 today)
Downloads: 19 (0 today)
Wattpad : 23 reads
Blogger : 14 reads

Guess Who ? Part 2

Second Chapter / PG-G
Comments: 12
Favourites: 18
Views: 224 (61 today)
Downloads: 2 (0 today)
Wattpad : 31 reads

About The Harmony of Pain

Intro + Chapters 1, 2 / Mature

Comments: 15
Favourites: 29
Views: 492 (4 today)
Downloads: 12 (0 today)
Wattpad : 16 reads
Blogger : Not yet uploaded

About The Harmony of Pain - Part 3

Chapter 3 / PG-G
Comments: 2
Favourites: 12
Views: 179 (4 today)
Downloads: 4 (0 today)
Wattpad : 18 reads
 Blogger : Not yet uploaded

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