Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Potential Idea for Morvan's ending

I had this scene in my head a couple months back - I shared it with Cyndie.

My character is sitting on the bathtub's edge, she is bleeding. She just came out of the shower, but the water still runs. Her third son - Norman - storms in, not knowing his mother was there; he is shocked seeing her like that and is worried by the blood. Norman throws a towel on her shoulders and wraps her. She lets him do.He sits on the floor to face her, looking up at her.

At first he thinks she is having a miscarriage - even if the family hadn't planned new kids. (Sybille, 19, Philippe 17, Norman 15)

She whispers that it's not a miscarriage. Her tubes were ligated after Norman's birth.

Norman is shocked - he doesn't want to admit the other alternative. Henri is not aware of it yet. Although Ellie had been randomly bleeding on and off, it's neither her menopause nor last remaining cycles and she had managed to hide it from her husband. They have a pact between them, that Henri is forbidden to die out in the sea - which is his field - and she feels odd that she is the one ready to die, here in her field, home by her own femininity. Norman swears to keep the secret until she has confirmation by her doctor.

Last few chapters : she is in the hospital, dies.

The grieving, the mourning. Her ghost remains on earth to watch over her family for 3 months - until things settle down.

Philippe's daughter - by his Japanese wife - can see Ellie's soul / ghost. She informs the family, but does not disturb the process of life and doesn't play messenger between Ellie and her family. They need to open their hearts to her in order to hear her last recommendations.

Ellie's last actions as a ghost.

Assist Sybille and her fiancé Jacques on their own walk on the Camino de Santiago, since she always wanted to do it herself.

Give confidence to Philippe to be a theatre actor.

Save Henri from a rogue wave that would have killed him.

"Remember your promise to me. You cannot die in the sea. She won't have my man."

All the family members will see her one last time during the day they most need her.

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