Tuesday, September 18, 2012

About the recent wave of violence in Muslim countries

So one man decided to make a movie ridiculing the prophet Mahomet. It is a questionable and condemnable action, I agree.

The movie has been leaked intentionally or unintentionally on the internet an we all know the mighty limitless powers of Youtube.

The Muslim / Islamic based people have fought last year - for a great many months for their freedom and their basic human rights against despotic and tyrannic rulers; blood was shed, lives were lost. That was somewhat acceptable, in the long run, because political systems changed and allowed the greater population to have a chance of a better life. It can be considered noble, even.

But in the end of summer 2012, Muslims suicide and killing other fellow innocents with them just to express their anger at the movie of ONE individual who probably did this in order to get some attention, is tragically lame, massively stupid and downright inexcusable!

ONE individual makes ONE movie and sparks ONE fire FUELED by A MINORITY which takes amplitude and kills innocent people of both American (aka the strangers, the outsiders, the "evil occidentals" and later of their own people. And yes - the Q'aran preaches love and help and tolerance and all the good things of life - like Jesus.

And if I remember correctly, the amount of atrocities committed in the Holy name of the Christ spans for over 2 thousand years and escalates in violence and stupidity.

WHY is that the radical minorities have the strongest impact on the majority of peaceful populations?

WHY can't we stop the fire now that it's yet in the beginning of it?

and mostly -

message to the Muslim people in the streets - and if someone wants to translate this in Arabic - you are most welcome to do so, I fully take credit for my words and thoughts.

WHY do you waste your time fueling and giving this egoistic idiot what he wants ? He made that movie OBVIOUSLY to insult your culture and religion because he Obviously KNEW the outcome of such actions from his part. We have a good amount of references from the past - it's not like he can say he didn't knew!


These people are egoistical beasts who do cheap thrill filled actions to get a maximum of attenion on them and he succeeded. The more you - the Muslims - go in the streets to express your anger (and you have the right to do, I am not denying that at all!) but the more you do so, the more you give HIM importance!

Please BE MORE INTELLIGENT than this demented ego boosted idiot and give YOURSELVES the right to be Above him.

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