Thursday, September 06, 2012

Stuck in the elevator

I stole this one from ~misguidedghost777

Me and you are locked in the bathroom together... // Me and Tom Hiddleston // Samaël // Sabik // Henri Morvan stuck in an elevator

[x]1. Hardcore sex -- with the 3 last ones
[x]2. Talk about life -- all 4
[x]3. Play video games -- al 4
[x]4. Get drunk -- would be fun! (And I would trust these men not take advantage)
[x]5. Make out -- of course
[]6. Awkward... -- ope - i feel perfectly okay with these blokes
[x]7. Watch porn -- can it be gay ? with Sam and Sab only thought!
[x]8. Confide in each other -- of course -- all 4
[x]9. Quick kiss -- Tom on the cheek, the 3 others a little more explicitly passionate
[]10. Argue -- have no reason to
[]11. Try and get out -- if I really need to use a bathroom yes ...
[x]12. Tickle war. -- deeeepends.....
[]13. Chill in seperate emo corners --no way!
[x]14. Make a baby. -- O_O Euh... >:D mouhaha yes.
[]15. Zombie Apocalypse in the dark -- ze what I beg your pardon ?
[x]16. Sleep -- snuggled up against these guys, after a long discussion about stuff - yes
[x]17. Paperwork -- burn them to fry marshmallows, yes
[]18. Fight -- nope
[]19. Hope for rescue -- maybe
[]20. Give hickies -- what's a hickie ?
[]21. Kill each of us -- technically cannot kill the Angel of Death, a doll and a memory of someone -- and i have no intention of hurting Tom
[]22. Hang our self -- would rather play tying their wrists with their neck ties but only for fun and games
[]23. Punch and slap each other until we're dead. -- nooo
[x]24. Snuggle! -- yeeesss
[x]25. FANGIRL/FANBOY!! -- d'uuh obviously !

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