Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Thomas William Hiddleston


Thumping, my heart, thumping, it beats

Hollow dreams are built into concrete;

Once upon a fantasy, you abate my fears to obsolete,

My! My! – My pilgrim heart sings the forgotten duet

And there I am once again –

Savouring the sweet promise in your hand.

Will my heart hold your world?

I wish, I hope, I want to see you grow old.

Lie to me, my sweet prince, lie to me,

Long is the night and there is yet time to dally

In your eyes, you hold my hopes

And with your words you bond tight ropes

My heart is yours – dare I invite you to elope?

Hooked! – My heart dances in your grace

In your eyes I have found my place.

Dwindling down the rabbit hole,

Drowning into your perfect soul…

Look! There is my Wonderland

Eternally, my inspirations, I would amend

So as to better fulfill your heart's content

That lonely tomorrow is my only lament

One moment more!  Lost in your enchantment

Nabbing naïvely at your shooting star's end.

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