Saturday, September 15, 2012

Fake Rumors leading to death threats

I don't even know from where I want to start this entry.

Fact is - the matter of the content - the content to be written is just so astonishingly stupid it saps my inspiration.

The recent whirlwind of events make me wonder about things such as - for example - how the fanship fueled credulity of some fans can be a wild fire with devastating outcomes.

Once upon a time, a few days ago, it was rumored on twitter that actor Tom Hiddleston would appear on the Thor 2 movie shooting location. By Thursday or Friday, with the  lack of photos provided by the many spies swriling around the shooting location, the said actor had a considerable amount of hate tweets and even death threats sent to him - but very much so disappointed "fans".

Now - let me scalpel open this as a doctor would open a patient's chest for a heart transplant.

1 - Twitter.
It's Not Facebook and even Facebook can be fake so - it's not because the account name is Thor2TheMovie that you have blindfold trust everything it tweets!

With the amount of fake / fan / dedicated accounts for Tom and Loki and anything in that galaxy - confusion could have happened, I agree, especially if the account was NOT FOLLOWED by the movie crew or actors. I mean don't you think it would be just NORMAL for Tom or his agent or the producer or who ever is working on the movie to FOLLOW that account ? Seriously. Just think about it.

2 - Rumors.
Do you guys know the amount of logistics it takes on a daily basis on a shooting location? There are highly sensitive and costly material to move around, to keep safe. There are hundreds of staff people to have on location. There are good reasons why there is a tight schedule and there is a reason why scenes are shot in a specific order - which accommodates a maximum of working staff people. Weather, availability of equipment, of resources, of actors, of staff members working around the actors - everything is studied down to the iota to minimize the cost of budget. A movie is not done snapping fingers! And if an actor HIMSELF wouldn't tweet about being at a specific location at a specific time - why would anyone give so much credit to an unverified source?

Furthermore, if the actor didn't tweet such info or was requested NOT TO do it for security measures for example - didn't anyone thought of that? Have you considered that? Not all fans are happy little polite and respectful ones - and the people around the actor are very well aware of this aspect about their clients - so of course everything in their power to protect the said actor is used and it's just flat out normal!

Last but not least - can movie producers make a movie without the world knowing Everything about it before it is launched in the theater rooms? I mean what's the point of knowing and seeing everything beforehand ? Don't we go to see movies in theaters for a certain experience? To discover something - to enjoy the unexpected? If Thor was shot in Siberia in the middle of the winter - would you go there just to have a chance to see Tom ? It's not because the location is somewhat easy of access that you have the right or the permission to sneak around! There are tight rules about release of information for good reasons! Why do you think contracts have certain lines about confidentiality and such and so on?

I feel like we are killing the magic - raping the magician and roasting the bunny on a camping fire!

3 - Seriously - Do you seriously consider that Tom owes you or us anything ? It's as if the fans who believed those rumors believed that Tom is like a sort of best friend who had promised to pop in for a coffee and cancelled at the last minute. Even though Tom and his fans happen to have a very nice and close relationship - he still has the right first and foremost - to his own private life with his family, his agenda, his working schedules! He doesn't owe his fans anything! Especially if he wasn't even aware of the rumors going around. He is most probably not on Twitter and Facebook all day long checking out the countless things going around about him! He is an actor! He has lines to know by heart - he has scenes to practice! That requires a few technicalities like a quiet environment WITHOUT silly stupid time wasting distractions.

4 - Death Threats. Now - YOU CANNOT CALL YOURSELF A TOM HIDDLESTON FAN IF YOU DARE just dare think anything bad about him, even less send him angry hateful tweets and death threats ? Are you for real ? Who do you THINK you are ? What about respect ? It just shows how intolerant, how foolish, how naïve and how superficial you are! Would you send a death threat to your local grocery store cashier girl because you didn't find that box of cookies which was advertised to be on special on the shelves ? No, of course you wouldn't! So why in the name of good common sense would you flame an actor you supposedly admire? Have you people considered the consequences of these stupid actions on the long run? What if security tightens around him to protect him against such wild and inconsiderate "fans". What if he won't be so generous of his time in the future? Makes me wonder how old these barbaric retards really are! Because if this is how you admire your actors, singers and public figures - I don't want to know how you dare treat your own friends, family and pets!

It's already nice of him to actually be on twitter - which allows his fans to interact with him - we should be thankful and not deteriorate the situation and his trust in the other bunch of fans who do actually care for him and his safety.

All in all - it just shows how immature and bluntly stupid some people are.

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