Sunday, July 29, 2012

Photo Idea - Always With You No Matter Where

Models :  2 men

One 30-ish, blond, beardy, viking styled, tattoos and piercings, fierce looking (blue eyes)
One 21-ish, black hair, punk, tattoos and piercings, innocent look, a little lost puppy (grey or green eyes)

Location or Background : snow valley, clear night sky, no moon but the infinity of the sky and the snow

Light : a strong fire is in front of them, giving them a golden light (additional light spots on the sides if necessary)- the point is to get a soft to intense golden light against their naked skins and in their eyes

Props : a huge wolf skin to cover the guys up, on the back of the older one - fancy medieval styled belts, leather pants, Celtic themed belt buckets, more wolf skins, some fancy men rings, maybe pendants,

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