Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Small list of movies/roles in which I would love to see Tom


 While sticking close the original Shakespearean masterpiece, maybe adding a shade darker of torment and sorrow under the hand of director Chris Nolan, brilliantly interpreted by the refreshing new comer on the international movie scene, Mr. Tom Hiddleston, who will bring that ray of light the movie would profit in this new interpretation of an old classic.

Note of Reference : Hamblet by Kenneth Branagh

Tristan - 

Romantically passionate, violently energetic, a battle for the heart of a woman the hero cannot have, having sworn an oath to his uncle, king of Brittany, Tristan struggles against his own burning passions for Queen Isolde, while being morally tied to his Uncle. Is it really the work of some herbs mixed in the vine they consumed on the boat, or is it the work of their own hidden tragic and yet so unspeakably powerful attraction to each other ? Tristan loves, is hurt, is exiled, is banished. He finds another woman whom he is not able to love and take, being always and for ever attached to his one true beloved Isolde. Tragic love, tragic life, tragic death.

Note of reference : 

Duc de Nemours - 

From the french novel La Princesse de Clèves, the Young Duke of Nemours, originally promised to the Princess of England falls madly in love with the Princess of Clèves on her wedding day, without really knowing who she is, meeting her for the first time of his life. The feelings that bloom in his heart, mixed with the clear knowledge of the impossibility of their love story, the young Duke lives half in reality, half in a wonderful dream where he can hold his beloved lady in his arms. The Princess' Uncle, Chartrand,  getting mixed in a bad scandal, asks his good friend the Duke to temporarily take the blame, and this one now finds himself in a very dangerously complicated situation where he has to publicly distant himself from the scandalous love letter, while also making it clear to the Princess, that he is not the object of the adoration mentioned in the said letter.

Note of reference :

Chevalier Des Grieux 

Young, educated and literate, charming,  and sadly innocent to the charms and dangers of the world, the Chevalier des Grieux meets and instantly falls in love with a young woman on the day her older brother takes her to the Convent. It is love at first sight, in such a violently indescribable way, the Chevalier does not know how to cope with all the storming feelings and desires in his heart and mind, but knows for fact that he could not live without Manon. Follows a deeply passionate cohabitation mixed with questionable choices which will lead the young heroes to a tragic destiny.

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