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Tarot Draw of July the 28th 2012

Celtic draw
Will I go to Matane this year to study photography?

Fallen card ; The Lovers (obviously!)

" Sometimes, while you or your client shuffles the cards before a Tarot reading, a card or two may ‘jump’ or fall out of the deck. While some may choose to simply pick up the card and continue shuffling without a second thought, others will see this as a direct message that requires your attention.

So what does a ‘jumping’ Tarot card actually mean and how do you interpret it in the context of the Tarot reading?

First, ask your client what they were thinking about at the exact moment the card fell from the pack. It is likely that there is a specific message in the ‘jumping’ Tarot card that is related to what the client was thinking about at the time. If your client wasn’t thinking about anything specific at the time, simply take note of the card and then return the card back to the pack as you continue to shuffle.

Once you have laid out the cards for the Tarot reading, look to see if the ‘jumping’ card reappears. If it does appear in the reading, this indicates that its message is of even greater importance, particularly within the context of the Tarot reading. If the card does not reappear, then it is likely the card is referring to another issue that your client has not asked about. In this case, the ‘jumping’ card is calling your client’s attention to the second issue and emphasising that it is as important as the original question.

Of course, if you drop half the Tarot deck as you shuffle, then it might just be a sign to pick them up and start shuffling again, more carefully this time!"

The Read - 

Card 1 - Present Situation. Reveals the influences at play and sets the scene for the rest of the reading. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This covers you", when drawing this card.
What I drew :
2 of coins inverted
What it means : 
Difficulty with handling problems, expect a discouraging message
What I think personally :  My depression, my life questioning, my inability to make the right decisions, the feeling of being perpetually lost in the fog

 Card 2 - Cause/Obstacles/Influences. The obstacles, challenges or forces that may be in your way. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This crosses you", when drawing this card. Traditionally this card would be laid horizontally across Card 1. However this isn't necessary and it makes card 1 and 2 harder to interpret.
What I drew :
IV the emperor
What it means:
Accomplishment, confidence, wealth, stability, leadership, father/brother/husband, achievement, a capable person
What I think personally : Obviously Tom incarnated. He is pretty much all these definitions at the moment.

Card 3 - The Goal or Best Outcome. This is what is being wishes for, it is the ideal goal. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This is above you", when drawing this card. 
What I drew :

0 the fool
What it means: 

New beginnings, new adventures, new opportunities, unlimited possibilities, pleasure, passion, thoughtlessness, rashness 
What I think personally : My inspiration, my writing of fictions, I am getting to be known and appreciated among the Hiddlestoners

Card 4 - Background or Distant Past. This is the foundation or background to the situation reveal in card 1. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This is the foundation of the subject", when drawing this card
What I drew :
VI the lovers 
What it means: Love, harmony, trust, honor, the beginning of a romance, optimism, a meaningful relationship/affair
What I think personally : Hard to ignore the feelings which are currently tormenting my heart. But they are mostly cerebral, in the definition that the chosen one is not even aware of my existence - or - I do not stick out of the crowd of his passionate followers, so it's a one way thing. (my personal specialty)

Card 5 - Recent Past or Events. Whatever recent events have effected this situation they should be waining. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This is behind you", when drawing this card. 
What I drew :
6 of swords
What it means: A journey, passage away from sorrow, harmony will prevail 
What I think personally : The journey of falling in love this intensely ? I don't know if it's a good thing yet though ...

Card 6 - Future InfluencesFuture events, people or influences that may alter the situation.  Some Tarot readers say out loud "This is before you", when drawing this card. 
What I drew :
Page of Coins inverted
What it means:  Wastefulness, luxury, rebellious, opposing ideas/opinions, bad news
What I think personally : I don't know what to say about this -

Card 7 - Possible Answer or This is You. This card can be a possible answer to the problem. It can also describe the person and how they relate to the situation. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This answers you", when drawing this card
 What I drew :
 7 coins
What it means:  Effort and hard work will cause growth, a pause during development, reevaluations
What I think personally : I wish! But it won't be with photography - my photos barely get noticed on deviant art... or my illustrations...

Card 8 - Your Resources (home, family, friends etc) or Your Strengths. This card can point to people who can be of help in this situation or to person strengths that should be made use of. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This strengthens you", when drawing this card
What I drew :
king of coins
What it means:  A chief of industry or a banker, a reliable person, a married man, solid, steadiness
What I think personally : please give him a loaded boxing glove so he can beat some living sense into me.

Card 9 - Your Inner Feelings, Hopes & Fears. This is the persons inner most feelings on the situation, it can bring out hopes, fears and other deep rooted or hidden emotions. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This describes you", when drawing this card
What I drew :
7 of swords inverted
What it means:  Excessive help is given, good advice, counsel, stolen items are returned
What I think personally :

Card 10 - The Final Outcome. The final outcome to the situation for the person. Some Tarot readers say out loud "This is the conclusion", when drawing this card.
What I drew :
ace of coins
What it means: Possible greed or misery, money may not be everything
What I think personally : So in the end, it's not worth it. I don't want money if I cannot have happiness and steadiness.


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